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10 Commandments of Entrepreneurship for Caribbean Entrepreneurs

The Caribbean is filled with many successful entrepreneurs, and many of them understand what is really means to be a true Entrepreneur. However, as talented as many Caribbean Entrepreneurs are, many of them do not do many of the things listed below. The info-graphic highlights the 10 Commandments of Entrepreneurship for Caribbean Entrepreneurs. 

Info-graphic- Why Carnival is Good Business in Grenada

Apart from all the Jab Jab, apart from rubbing ``ole Oil`` on the cat, apart from all the turbo charge and all the good stuff that comes with Carnival in Grenada. Carnival is also good business, Here is an info graphic detailing some brief reasons why.

Up and Coming Caribbean Entrepreneur: Raquel Leid (Grenada)

Today, we feature Up and Coming Grenadian Entrepreneur, Ms. Raquel Leid. Raquel is an Image Consultant, Fashion designer, Make-Up Artist and Vlogger at Always Leid

Always Leid is the fashion design brainchild of Raquel Leid. According to Raquel, it is more than a fashion/clothing design and manufacturing enterprise, Always Leid is a movement that promotes innovative creativity, daring empowerment and expressions of self. They specialize in the production of exclusive, limited edition, marquee clothing and accessories and the provision of quality beautification services including but not limited to professional image, styling and consultancy services. Their designs are centered on bold prints and courageous patterns aesthetically woven to capture imagination, style, and exuberance.

The long term goal of Raquel and Always Leid is to open an institute in Grenada that not only offers a myriad of beautification & fashion related services,but to educate others of ways & means they can channel their talents & creativity into majestic works of art.

Some of her designs are as follows:

Raquel can be contacted at 
Email: raqui.leid@live.com 
Facebook: Always Leid 
Twitter: @alwaysleid, 
 Instagram:  Always_Leid
You Tube: Always Leid

Think Big Work Smart Hustle hard: Business Start-Up Series Part 2

Generating Your Business Idea

Download and save a PDF version of this topic to your computer Your Business Idea 

In part one of this series we took a look at what type of entrepreneur you are or what type of entrepreneur you can be. We also took a look at some of the myth surrounding entrepreneurship, part one of this series can be found here Business Start up Series: Part 1.

In this part of the business start-up series, we will take a look at where business ideas come from and how you can generate a business. Many of us wonder when it is a good time to turn their idea into a business, there is never a right or wrong time for doing this. Some of the most successful businesses have been started in depressions when the economy was not doing well.  Greg Brophy once said `` it’s not the business you’re in, but the way you do business that makes the difference. Every business has a formula for making money; you just have to figure out yours. ``

So how exactly do we start the process of idea generation, one of the first things that are to be done is to do an audit of you, make a list that highlights?

  • ·         Things that you’re  good at
  • ·         Things that you’re  not good at or dislike doing
  • ·         Things you enjoy about your current work
  • ·         What skills you possess, whether you excel at them or not

Once you do this, you should start looking for emerging patterns such as whether or not there is a need for one of the skills you have or whether you can start a business doing one of the things you’re good at.

Hobbies are a great way to generate business ideas. If you like writing, there may be a business in there for you. You may be able to write articles for businesses and other publications or do freelance writing work.

Is there something that you observe that can be improved in your community, maybe your peers and friends and families keep complaining about the way a particular business or company are doing things? How about taking a look at what they are doing and do it differently and better, you will already have a ready market, because these persons are frustrated and will be willing to make the switch to you if you offer a better alternative. Listening to people`s frustration is another way to generate several solid business ideas. Even if persons are not complaining, searching for a better way of doing things tend to lead to some positive business ideas that can result  in being  successful for many individuals.

In school maybe we are involved in certain projects, this is another great source of business, and can a school project be converted in a business. In Grenada, many students leave the Junior Achievers programme having run successful small businesses. Can these businesses be continued even after school? Even if these students do not want to continue these businesses. It is a source of inspiration to visit the JA expose to see what businesses these students have developed and get ideas from this to start your own business.

Many individuals have what I call an AHA moment, maybe they’re in the shower and an idea just came to mind. AHA moments are powerful and once they hit, you should take a look to see how feasible it is to take to the market. Another way the idea can just hit you is by being present in life, being present in life means being fully observant of what is happening around you, going places where you may not normally go and from these great ideas can come. You will also need to think outside the box for many of these.

Business ideas may come in the form of an`` add on`` for a particular product. You may be using a product and wonder, wouldn’t it be nice if this product can have this feature, this works well with technology.  Many technologist are now developing apps and other products that can work well with smart phones and computer programmes, these are a great way of getting a business idea.

To wrap up this second part of this series, I would suggest that you read a lot, meet new people, hear their stories, share your ideas with people you trust, do research, and take a look at your working experience; these are all great ways for generating your business idea. Anyone can start a business; you just need to have that drive that willingness and it can happen, entrepreneurship is not for a very few select people. Steve Jobs said it best when he made this statement

When you grow up you tend to get told that the world is the way it is and your life is just to live your life and try not to bash into the walls too much…that’s a very limited life. Life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact—everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you…shake off this erroneous notion that life is there and you’re just going to live in it versus make your mark upon it. Once you learn that, you will never be the same again. Don’t just live a life; build one

Look out for part 3 of this series right here

Starting and Growing Small Businesses with Content Marketing

One of the essences of Economics is trying to satisfy unlimited needs with limited resources. Small businesses and large businesses all have this in common, they all have limited resources. Small businesses and entrepreneurs who are thinking of starting up a business may be even more limited and some of these may not always be physical. Some of their limitations can include: lack of access to funding; ability to penetrate a market and position themselves and poor focus, some may know how to build a product but not how to build a business.

In today’s information age it is always a bit surprising to encounter an entrepreneur who is not using the internet and its resources effectively and to their advantage. One of the great things that the internet has done is make resources available to help everyone be successful at no cost or cheaply. One of the mediums that many aspiring entrepreneurs are using to help launch their business is that of Social Media. Small businesses or aspiring entrepreneurs all set up their Facebook business page or twitter account and some believe this is sufficient. Without a proper plan in place this can basically be a waste of time.

Content marketing is one of the vehicles that can be used together with Social Media to help build a business. Sharing business insights and information with consumers without selling to them directly can help boost an entrepreneur’s reputation and also establish them as a thought leader. It also makes their customers feel more intelligent which can be a plus for him/her.  Some of the many contents that can be created include videos, info graphics, blog post and articles. There are some facts of content marketing that many people may not know and some of these includes,

1-      Content Marketing is used by some of the biggest and well-known companies- Companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Nike, and Apple are all using content marketing to their advantage. Small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs can have this same luxury, there are many online resources available to help create content. Websites such as canva, Moovly and many others have provided effective ways for help create content.  Many of the larger companies use celebrities in their contents which may be the reason they are so successful. Small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs still have an online resource to compete; bookingagentinfo.com can allow them to get in contact with representatives of celebrities to help boost their content strategy for a small cost. Basically there is no excuse for small businesses to not be successful if they use the internet to their advantage. contentmarketinginstitute.com can provide all small businesses with timely information to be successful in content marketing.

2-      There are numerous benefits to be obtained by getting involved in content Marketing- Content marketing can help you increase sales and is very cost effective, you can reach people you may not have reached normally, and allow you to build valuable relationship with them. It helps boost your reputation and brand image and help set people apart from others. One of the most important benefits is that it helps create a levelled playing field for large and small enterprises.

3-      Having content and not spreading it is a waste of time- Some people says content is King, however if the content is not being distributed and not being consumed its nothing. This is one of the most important facts of content marketing. One website that can help with this is quicksproute.com.

In a world filled with uncertainty, factors such as job security has been eroded, one of the better decisions that an individual can make is to become an entrepreneur. The internet has eroded many of the barriers to entry for many industries. Businesses has never been easier to start up, the resources out there are many. Content marketing should never be ignored when entrepreneurs are starting their businesses or looking to grow their business. Today’s consumers have already blocked out many of the traditional marketing medium and content marketing present a new and different approach to doing things. Though content marketing is not new, it is most definitely not going anywhere soon and everyone involve in business should think seriously about it.

Up and Coming Caribbean Entrepreneurs: Amy Jones (Grenada)

The Real Kimron Corion Present up and coming Creative writer and aspiring entrepreneur Amy Jones from Grenada and her first book of poetry entitled Beyond Fables: Poetry which was illustrated by Solanche Roberts.

Who is Amy Jones?

To begin, I'd state that I'm a 21 year old creative writer who's been writing roughly for about 13 years. I started writing short stories and poetry in Primary School and I've never let go of it since.
I attended the Mileage Pre School, The St. Andrew's Methodist School, the St. Joseph's Convent, T.A.Marryshow Community College and I am presently preparing to further my studies in the Caribbean Nazarene College, Santa Cruz, Trinidad.

I am a member and young leader of the Grenada Girl Guides Association, a volunteer with the Grenada Education & Development Programme and also a member of the Writers' Association of Grenada.

I am a seasoned performer; I have taken part in a few events, one of which is our annual "Voices" put together by the Writers Association of G'da (WAG)


My book is entitled, "Beyond Fables: Poetry" and as the name suggest, my work goes beyond the fantasies and fables and delves into real life experiences and situations of persons (mainly young women) written in the form of poetry.

Beyond Fables: Poetry was started about 4 years ago and was finally published in March 2014.
There are 13 poetic pieces in this anthology. The book is divided into 4 sections, they are: Encomiums to Mothers, Celebrating Strong Black Women, L.O.V.E, and the Struggles of Women.
Each section highlights issues as the names suggest. Early last month, June 2014, over 100 copies of Beyond Fables: Poetry was sold across the world. Books were bought, read and reviewed from small Caribbean Islands to large countries such as United States and China.
Although my choice of studies is Child Psychology and Counselling, I do see my writing continuing for as long as I have the ability to write. I am already working on my second book which is presently in the pipe line.
I have plans on doing audio copies of my books which may be available in the not so distant future.
My books are available on the following sites: Create space and Amazon.com

The information is as follows:

Beyond Fables: Poetry
Authored by Ms. Amy J. W. Jones, Illustrated by Ms. Solanche K. Robert

Amy's Contact information are as follows:

+1-473-533-2284 (cell) 
+1-718-880-5701 (magic jack)
madammeme (Skype)

 This is the first in a series of stories about up and coming Caribbean Entrepreneurs, Next we feature an up and coming Fashion designer, currently doing some good works throughout the Caribbean.
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