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Announcing DIGIConsult- Premium Consulting Service To Scale Your Business Through Social Media and Storytelling


Is your online brand struggling to make an impact on your intended audience? Would you like trusted professionals to apply proven techniques that will improve your online presence? If so, I have something for you.

Over the past five years, I’ve been working in the Social Media and Digital Storytelling field. My primary focus has been with small and medium-sized businesses as well as start-ups to help them capture the attention of their ideal clients online, build meaningful relationships, and ultimately sell stuff. Because let’s face it, we have something to sell even if it’s ourselves or a cause, as in the case of our personal brands or a nonprofit respectively.

I have been focused on all things Social Media such as its strategies, management, content, paid media, storytelling, and personal branding. I had a lot of success and a couple of awards for my work to-date namely, The OECS 30 under 30 and the Ryerson University Gold Medal, when I graduated with my Master’s degree in Digital Media.

Although I’m content with everything I have going on, my partners and I know we can do much more to help small and medium-sized businesses. That’s why today we are announcing the launch of DigiConsult, a premium consulting service from Kimron Corion Digital.

We begin our collaboration with a strategy session, either in person or virtually, where I will dissect and discuss your business’ objectives, strengths, weaknesses, potential strategies, or business model improvements that you will require to succeed.

After the initial assessment, we will perform a complete topline audit of your current Social Media efforts with special emphasis on your target audience, chosen platforms, sales, marketing, advertising, paid media, and creative displays to analyze practically every imaginable situation to help scale and grow your brand.

Ultimately we will:

  • Help you craft the your brand’s story
  • Sharpen your business model and strategy
  • Identify potential growth hacks
  • Focus your Social Media activities on the platforms and people that matter
  • Offer help for the execution of all recommendations

Once the aforementioned phases are complete, you will not left alone. For three months after our earlier sessions, you will have access to me for weekly 1-hour consultations on Social Media topics of your choice as well as direct contact if emergency questions arise.

Take advantage of the years of experience I have accumulated thus far. If this opportunity sounds like one you’d be interested in, click here and let’s connect.

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