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Info-graphic- Why Carnival is Good Business in Grenada

Apart from all the Jab Jab, apart from rubbing “ole Oil“ on the cat, apart from all the turbo charge and all the good stuff that comes with Carnival in Grenada. Carnival is also good business, Here is an info graphic detailing some brief reasons why.

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Business Plan- A must have if you’re going into Business

Planning is an indispensable part of doing business. Having a business plan is crucial because it allows you to map out where you are and where you want to be. You can always refer to your business plan in the future to see whether or not your business is going in the direction you intended for it to go. If you were to build a house without a house plan this will lead to chaos. The same principle apply’s to your business. This doesn’t have to be a 20 page elaborate plan, but having that business plan is one of your critical success factors.

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Who’s really stealing your money and some of the ways to catch the thief

Many persons are finding money disappearing from their bank accounts, pockets, even from their hands and they keep asking themselves, where this money is going? Many people blame the government for the aforementioned disappearances; claiming that the government is stealing their money through taxes. Some others blame their banks or Credit Unions, claiming that the institutions are stealing their monies.
I have been looking into this phenomenon and I realized that the real thief may really be closer to us than we think.
I have identified one of the biggest thieves and I felt it was my duty to expose him. I will also show five (5) ways how he robs us blind and what we can do to stop him.
The thief surname is “Habbit”, first name “Financial” and I know many of us know him, because we all have him as our friend. He can be a good friend, or a bad friend. When he is being a bad friend we need to get rid of him, however many of us prefer to have him around especially when he is being a very bad friend and robbing us blind. The following are five (5) ways he robs us and what we can do to stop him:
1-      Through Cable (TV)- It seems to be a normal thing for persons to spend over $100.00 on cable every month. Is this a need? No!!!  It’s a want.  How about cutting back on our TV habits a bit? I am not saying to not have cable if you feel like you can’t do without it, maybe it’s best to just have the basic package and leave these premium expensive channels alone.
2-      ATM fees- Do you have any idea how much money you are wasting by hitting up the ATM every time you need to make a small withdrawal. Especially if you are using the ATM of a bank that is not your bank. You pay fees to your bank and you pay fees to the bank whose ATM you are using.  Try setting a (weekly or fortnightly) budget and take out enough money from your pay to last you until the next week or two if possible to avoid too much frequent visit to the ATM. If you are using your bank and not paying fees, then kudos to you.
3-      Impulse buying- You go to the supermarket to get milk, however while standing in the line to pay you grab a pack of gum. You walk past a hotdog stand and smell the hotdog and think you must get one, coffee on the way to work. If you get rid of these small indulgences, you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll be saving. If you don’t need it don’t buy it, if you can’t afford it put it down.
4-      Brand Name- I guess this is about making a fashion statement. But do you really need to pay a whole lot of money to advertise a brand for a company. Shouldn’t they be paying you to advertise for them? I will never tell people to stop wearing brand name, but if this is getting in the way of you achieving financial freedom, then you have a choice to make. Decide what’s important in your life and move on from there.
5-      Loans to buy liabilities- I will define a liability using Robert Kiyosaki definition which is anything that takes money out of your pocket. An asset by contrast is anything that put money in your pocket. Many people apply for loans to purchase personal vehicles, a car for instance. They apply for the loan; they have to pay back the loan with interest every month. Then ever so often you have to buy tires for the car, brakes, clutch, filters, insurance, oil, repair minor damages, gas and a whole host of other things, again I am not saying don’t purchase a car, however ask yourself, is it necessary. All this car may be doing is robbing you of your hard earned money.

It is about time to STOP PICKING OUR OWN POCKET. Review your financial habits, take time to develop good financial habits, have a family budget and stick to it. If you feel that you can’t live within your means, then that’s no problem, you just need to EXPAND your means. Consider entrepreneurship or a second job, just don’t rob yourself. 
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The High Cost of Being Poor

Growing up I always knew I didn’t want to be poor as an adult, growing up in a poor family it was always a struggle. I am not rich (yet) but I will be soon. Growing up in a poor community I always thought that the people with money, the ones in the big houses and nice cars and fancy clothes, were the ones that experienced higher cost of living. It wasn’t until lately that I realized that the cost of being poor, living in poverty, is insanely high.
Persons normally say when you’re poor you’re vulnerable, and this is so true. When I watched the movie, Head of State, and I heard Chris Rock said that “some of us have to work two jobs just to be broke”, I thought that was so hilarious. It wasn’t until later on in life I realized that this was true, and it’s scary.  Why is it so costly to be poor? And what can we do to escape that lifestyle? Though I am not really sure how these questions should really be answered, I thought I should highlight some reasons why being poor is so costly.
In many poor communities, individuals are unable to access or afford normal financial and banking services, many big banks are closing their doors in poor and vulnerable communities. According to these banks the cost of doing business there is too high for the returns they are receiving on their investment.  With these banks shutting down shop, a hole is left in these communities that must be filled, and this is normally filled by pay day loan stores and loan sharks that go out there and exploit the poor people, charging insanely high interest on loans. Interest rates that are way over what a normal commercial bank would charge.
Many banks now have minimum balance requirements, if your balance falls below a certain limit; they will start charging a monthly fee. In my mind, if my balance falls below a certain limit, that should mean I don’t have money, so why reduce my money further by charging this monthly fee. Why not charge this fee to the persons that can afford it?
Then there are taxes, and sometimes I don’t believe that we poor people really understand what we are doing especially when we call for more taxation on the rich. I am always hearing the poor calling for the government to tax the rich people more. But really and truly, are they taxing the rich? NO, they are taxing the high income earners. That’s the reason why the middle class is shrinking in the US. Whenever a new tax is introduced, it is the poor people that pay this tax. The truly rich people, such as the true capitalist does not pay these taxes. In fact, many persons, entrepreneurs, are given tax breaks by the government for their contribution to society, contributions such as job creation and helping provide certain public goods.
When I look at all this, I say to myself, being poor is too costly for me, I need to upgrade, I need to join the ranks of the rich. As a Christian I believe when the bible says that “the earth is the Lord’s and its fullness thereof”, and I also believe when David said, “I was young and now I am old and I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread”.  It is also for this reason that I am such a big fan, promoter and advocate of entrepreneurship.

I believe that through entrepreneurship, persons can truly reach their true potential I believe that entrepreneurship is one of the best ways of alleviating poverty, I believe in the opportunities that this can lead to. I have long decided that I have lived in poverty for way to long, it’s time to start doing something for me, being poor is way too costly. I am not that rich.
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To Entrepreneurs Worldwide From Steve Jobs

Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels. The trouble makers, the round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently.
They’re not fond of rules and they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them… because they change things, they push the human race forward.
While some may see them as “the crazy ones”, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world – are the ones who do.
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Knowledge is Not Power

We may have all heard the popular phrase, “Knowledge is Power”. I was one of those persons who use to abuse this phrase and use it as my motivation for acquiring more and more knowledge.  It wasn’t until recently I started to realize something.
I wanted to build a website and I decided to take a course in website development since Knowledge is power. However upon completion of the course, I did absolutely nothing. I didn’t build any website. Today I’ve forgotten almost everything I learnt. I then I asked myself, “ if knowledge is power, why can’t I build a website and I took the course”.
It was then I realize that in fact, Knowledge is not Power, Knowledge is only Potential Power. It is the correct application of Knowledge that is Power. If I had used the skills I had acquired in the course, today I may have been a very good website builder. However I didn’t apply the knowledge and so that power is not within me.

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Green Transportation Challenge from Roberts Caribbean

Earth Day 2014 PRESS RELEASE 
Greening our personal mode of transportation – Take the challenge! 

During the last year, our life support systems, the air, water and land selflessly met and exceeded our every need for food, materials for shelter, flood prevention, climate regulation, opportunities for recreation, socio-economic growth and so much more. The continued ability of these systems to protect humanity and ensure an optimal quality of life is directly linked to the health of our ecosystems. This year, as we celebrate Earth Day 2014, we are reminded of the growing number of cities all over the world, and the tremendous environmental pressures associated with increased fossil fuel powered transportation. Importantly, the transportation sector represents one of the fastest growing sources of greenhouse gas emissions, the main culprit of global climate change. Vehicular discharges are also a major contributor to air quality problems, such as smog. Let’s make a little difference this year, and join the Team at Roberts Caribbean Limited as we take little, yet impactful steps to encourage green transportation and a healthier environment and city.

Here’s how it works.

1. Each week starting on Earth Day, April 22 and ending on World Environment Day June 5, each participant will find at least one opportunity to give up driving his/her personal vehicle and use a more environmentally friendly, healthier option to get from place A to B. Great alternative options for green transportation include:

  •  Carpooling – Hitch a ride to work, or to the grocery with a friend, colleague or family member. It saves a whole lot of gas and money, and you will be able to enjoy the beauty around you while someone else is at the wheel. 
  •  Walk instead of taking the car to complete an errand or meet a friend for lunch. 
  •  Take the bus – Yes, I know, it’s a bit inconvenient, but it could be a whole lot of fun – Surprise, you might meet a long lost friend and have a great conversation.  Innovate and share your own eco-transportation ideas.

2. Share with us each week your successes in meeting the GREEN TRANSPORTATION CHALLENGE – Contact us via facebook ( or send us an email at We look forward to hearing about your exciting green adventures. Send us your photos in action!!

Roberts Caribbean Limited is a real estate and environmental and development consulting company based in Grenada.

Bruce Street Commercial 
Suite 2311 
Bruce Street, St. George’s, 
Tel: 473-442-9999 | 404-9999 
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The Real Kimron Corion

Official Logo of the Real Kimron Corion Blog

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Pure Grenada vs. Isle of Spice: Battle of the Brands

Lately I have been hearing of Grenada being branded as “Pure Grenada”. I didn’t give much thought to it; I thought it was merely a marketing campaign.  However I came across a post on Facebook that stated that the Minister of Tourism in Grenada said that” everyone is on board with Re-branding Grenada to Pure Grenada”.  This got me very interested, and I decided to do some digging on my own.
I believe that change is always good, especially if these changes will bring about positive feedback and lead to greater things. When I think about Grenada as the Isle of Spice, I get a clear picture of what the country is communicating, I automatically see Grenada as a country that is known for spices, and where I can find all different variety of spices. I guess that the persons responsible may have asked themselves, “Why should companies invest here or tourists come here, rather than go to other countries for investment and tourism?” and maybe spices weren’t a good enough answer. However this critical self-assessment is necessary and will lead to recognition of what needs to be done to make the country more attractive, after all this is the starting point of any branding process.
The purpose of nation branding is to position your country in the best possible way to the world, given its strengths and weaknesses. And I can only imagine that is what the brand “Pure Grenada” intends to convey, after all it was said that the intention is to re-position the island’s brand identity to more closely align with the core niche sectors that have been identified as target markets. I keep wondering what exactly that means, since a national brand needs to cover and represent all the diverse positive elements that make up a nation and not just a few sectors.
In order for the brand to be successful there needs to be buy in from stakeholders at all levels in the country.  Once there is support from stakeholders internally, these persons will tend to become natural promoters of the brand.
With the advent of Social Media, it is very easy for anything to be communicated to the outside world. Social Media will definitely be a viable avenue for pushing the “Pure Grenada” brand to the outside world. However I am concerned that Grenada is already being branded through Social Media. There are many persons, (and I am sure they may have good reasons) who seem to have purposed in their heart that they will project a negative image of Grenada because of their political views. Also many persons are using Social Media to express their lack of support for the “Pure Grenada” Brand. This leads me to conclude that there may have been buy in from persons in authority about the new brand. However a lot of persons have not yet been bought into this and this can affect the brand.
I myself have some questions, that I am sure can be answered by the persons in authority, questions such as; Why is the brand color blue?  What are the core-niche sectors that have been identified as target markets? What am I supposed to think when I hear the slogan “Pure Grenada”?  Is this mainly a tourism brand? How do outsiders see Grenada at the moment?  Who is the video that was used to launch the brand speaking to?
On the topic of the video, I love the video, I think it was well done and the vocals were incredible, when I watched it I saw a beautiful country. I am impressed. However I am concerned that the video is speaking mainly to persons like myself, Grenadians. It says “Sweet Grenada, this is home” off course its home for me, but not for the other millions of Canadians I see on a daily basis, so will it attract them, I doubt.
I will not get into an argument as to whether we should continue using “Isle of Spice” I like Isle of Spice, I can identify with it. However I believe that the Government must lead the national branding process.  Branding is a complex process and unless the Government gets buy in from stakeholders at all levels, then their efforts will not succeed. When I first heard “Pure Grenada”, I didn’t quite understand what was being communicated and I think that’s the part a lot of persons are having problems with. I urge the Government to sensitize persons more and get them to appreciate this new positioning that is being attempted for Grenada. Even though I like “Isle of Spice” I do believe it is sort of limited and doesn’t fully represent all the things that Grenada has to offer, however if we are to re-position ourselves then it must be done properly and must address all the shortcomings of the old brand. Remember branding is NOT advertising and according to Thomas Cromwell “nation branding is not simply coming up with a cute logo and tag line. It has a much deeper purpose: to position a nation so that it can achieve the maximum success in the world system, including garnering the maximum international recognition and clout, robust business relations with the world, and a healthy tourism industry. By doing this, a nation brings the maximum benefit to its people by giving them dignity, and by creating jobs and wealth.” (Cromwell, 2014)

I wish to also say to all my Grenadians both at home and in the diaspora. Please stop making it your duty to paint a negative picture of Grenada. It is OK to have your views on things; it is OK to support a political party of your choice. It is OK to voice your opinions on things in a diplomatic and respectable way.  But when you start attacking Grenada and the integrity of Grenadians, you are instrumental in ensuring that a negative picture is painted. This is not helping; true Grenadians will not go out of their way to paint a negative picture of Grenada to the world.
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