My Story

The year was 2012, I believe. I was the officer in charge of the Ariza Credit Union’s Grenville Branch in Grenada. During that time, I started observing that posts on my Facebook timeline were from Business Facebook Fanpages. I was quite fascinated by them. At the time, my friend Shaundel said to me, “Yow, we should start a business.” We pondered on what it could be for a while. Then I said, “Hey, I realize many businesses use social media a lot now, but I don’t see Grenadian businesses using it.” We then agreed that we would start a social media management company. Our problem at the time was apparent. Apart from having Facebook profiles and posting nonsense daily, we didn’t know anything about social media. However, we decided to start the business anyway. Unfortunately, our attempt didn’t last long because we had no idea what we were doing, and I eventually migrated to Toronto. It has been five years since that initial conversation and decision to get involved in Social Media. Within that time, I have attended every Social Media training course I could find. I also began working with small businesses and start-ups on their social media.

In the last year, I have spoken at multiple conferences, workshops, and schools in Canada, Grenada, and Trinidad and Tobago. I spoke at: Be Good Be Social Conference for non-profits, Smart Start Youth Conference, App Start Technology Workshop, Canada Safe School Conference, Service Expo 2017, BufferFest, and more. I have spoken on topics such as Strategic Social Media, Storytelling, and Digital Citizenship. I have also been featured in Share Magazine Toronto, Now Grenada, Huffington Post, Ryerson University, Social Media Lab, and other outlets. I recently received the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States 30 under 30 Award in Entrepreneurship for my project I Am Grenadian. And as I previously mentioned, I graduated with a Master of Digital Media from Ryerson University and received the Ryerson Gold Medal, which is the highest honor given to graduating students.

I am a Social Media Practitioner specialized in Strategy and execution and a Transmedia Storyteller. I am also an OECS 30 Under 30 award recipient in Entrepreneurship. I Help Brands Capture The Attention Of Their Target Audience Through strategic Social Media Campaigns and Storytelling. I am also the Co-Founder of, a movement dedicated to sharing the people, culture and tradition of Grenada. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Learning and I am a One Young World Ambassador representing Grenada. As an advocate and Promoter of Entrepreneurship I am dedicated to spreading the message of Entrepreneurship to young people and encouraging them to create their own opportunities.