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Grenada Unemployment Situation: What we need to stop doing and start promoting

As of June 30th many employees of RBTT Bank will be out of a Job. Very soon the employees of First Caribbean Bank in Carriacou will be facing the same fate. I can count a number of organizations that have laid off a huge percentage of their workers in the past 2 years in Grenada; things are looking bleaker every day.

Unemployment is very high, and in my calculations it is in the 40% range; even though officially it’s much lower than that. How easy would it be to find a Job in an economy that’s currently “laying off” people to cut cost and deal with the new adjustment programmes being implemented by the government? My guess is, not very easy.

If finding employment is getting more difficult every day and more positions are being made redundant in both the private and public sector, shouldn’t there be some sort of alternative? Why is it that people are still going out job hunting? I believe that the answer to this is that Grenada has developed a culture of job seekers. Our schools have trained us all to be employees, to develop the employee mindset. This employee mindset is what is helping damage our economy.

A new culture needs to be bred within our society; a culture of entrepreneurship, a culture where people are not only seeking jobs, but also job creators. With more and more people entering the labour force, and less and less jobs being created, this will lead to serious problems for the country: economic instability and political and social unrest.

Something needs to be done to help foster this culture of entrepreneurship.  Persons need to know that they do not have to go looking for jobs. Instead, they can create their own! The Government need to finds ways to provide incentives for entrepreneurship by providing support, training and tools for entrepreneurs. Also entrepreneurship needs to be a subject taught in school. Business management and accounting and other subjects offered in our schools are taught from the perspective of a prospective employee and not from the standpoint of entrepreneurs. Products of this school system end up being successful managerial capitalists. However there is a need for real capitalists, those who will see an opportunity and take a calculated risk to combine factors of productions and create their own path in life.
While unemployment may be high in this time, and many people are home wondering what they will do. There are many opportunities out there that persons can make use of:

  1. Freelance Opportunities- Sites such as Freelancer.com which is the world’s largest freelancing, outsourcing, and crowdsourcing marketplace for small business. With over 11 million users, you can hire a freelancer to do your contract work at a fraction of the cost. If you have a skill or talent, you can register on the site as a freelance worker and bid for projects. For example, if you are a graphic designer, you can go on the site, register and bid for many of the thousands of freelance projects available and generate an income from this.
  2. Fiverr.com- This is similar to freelancer.com where you can register freely and do freelance work for people and get paid to work.
  3. Network Marketing- This is another big avenue that is steadily growing. Persons can join a networking marketing business and build an enterprise from there for a very low cost. Some popular network marketing opportunities available are Syntek Global and Oregano Gold. Take a look at some at some of these opportunities and see if it’s something that can work for you.
While these opportunities may not work for everyone, they are worth looking into. It can be the start you are looking for as an aspiring entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is what will be able to save our economy and it’s about time we begin to give it the attention it needs.  It is time for students be given the option of creating their own jobs as opposed to leaving school and searching for Jobs.  

Finally amidst everything, to be successful as an entrepreneur, one needs to Think Big, Work Smart and Hustle Hard.
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6 Online Resources to Make your Life Easier as an Entrepreneur

In today’s entrepreneurial landscape, the entrepreneurs that will succeed are those that can find a way to do complex task in a simple, cost effective and time saving manner. With the introduction of new technology and with the advent of the dot com era, it has never been easier to start a business. For aspiring entrepreneurs and for entrepreneurs having problems with their business, here are some effective online tools that will make your life much easier. This will also make the entrepreneurial journey much more fun.
1. Freelancer.com
Freelancer.com is the world’s largest crowdsourcing and freelance marketplace that connects more than 10.7 million talented professionals from around the world. With thousands of jobs being posted and worked on every day, Freelancer remains the place where the world gets work done. If you need to get something done in your business and you do not have the finances to hire a new team member, then Freelancer is a great option to get someone to do the job and in a very inexpensive way.
2. Micromentor.org
Micromentor is a free business mentor service for entrepreneurs and a rewarding volunteer opportunity for business professionals. Their mission is to help small businesses grow faster, generate more revenue, and employ more people. They make it easy to find a mentor, be a mentor, and build a business. If you need someone to help you with your business, how about getting an experience and successful person to mentor you for free.
3. Lynda.com
Many entrepreneurs may not have had the chance to go to a business school. But with Lynda.com, you can learn anything with easy-to-follow video tutorials help you learn software, business, creative skills and more. If you are lacking a skill to take your business to the next level, Lynda.com is a good source for learning that skill.
4. Kickstarter.com
Kickstarter is a crowd funding platform that help persons bring creative projects to life. It’s a good option for raising money for a project you may want to undertake in your business, or if you want to start something meaningful.
5. Paypal.com
PayPal is an international e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. Online money transfers serve as electronic alternatives to paying with traditional paper methods, such as checks and money orders.
6. There are other resources such as social media sites (Facebook, Google+, Twitter Pintrest etc), Fiverr.com, Alison.com and others, what are your favorites?
Taken from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/nelson-kimron-corion/6-online-resources-to-mak_b_5115574.html?ncid=txtlnkusaolp00000592
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Grenada’s Banking and Financial Services Sector: Changing the Game in Grenville

The recent announcement of RBTT bank to close its branch in Grenville St Andrew Grenada and consolidate some other branches has taken the nation by surprise; this will definitely change the game in Grenville.
First of all it is very important to note that money is created by banks through debt.  Anytime a bank grant a loan, it is creating money, and not necessarily paper or coins that one can feel. It is creating electronic money that persons can see right in front of them when checking their balances in an ATM Machine or on a bank statement. This type of money makes up over 90% of the money in the economy.
With the closure of the Grenville Branch of RBTT, the bank has ceased to create new money from its Grenville operation.  This doesn’t mean that there will no longer be money being created in Grenville because there are a number of other Banks and Credit Unions in the game still. However this will create a void, a void that will have to be filled by the other banks and credit unions.
Important to note is that local branches is and will remain a crucial part of a nation’s financial infrastructure, even as more customers manage their accounts via the Internet and mobile phones. Many banks close their branches mainly to cut cost and increase profits for shareholders. There is however a social cost to this, when banks close their branches in low income areas such as Grenville and Surrounding areas, the needs of the people do not disappear. I do hope that other institutions do not follow because this can leave one to fall prey to financial predators such as pay day loans institutions and others who can exploit persons with very high rate of interest.
With the closure of the Grenville Branch of RBTT, some of the new accounts that were opened will be lost to the remaining Credit Unions and Banks, and some of the potential accounts that would have been opened will now be opened in other banks. I expect many clients to transfer their loans and savings to some of the closer institution, it will be an inconvenience and a hassle   for someone to leave Sauteurs to go all the way to Grand Anse to get information about their account as oppose to going to Grenville.
Another angle to this is the amount of Jobs that will be lost in an already ailing economy by the bank closing its doors.  In many cases some persons may be the sole breadwinner in a family and with no job, an entire family is affected. Persons are now without an income yet the bills will have to be paid,  their kids need to attend school, and  taxes are to be paid, especially VAT since it is a consumption tax and individuals consume whether employed or not.

Branch closure however is not something new to Grenada. Republic bank closed its branch in Petite Martinique some time aback, putting a strain on the people of Petite Martinique. I believe that the remaining institutions in Grenville however can and will be able to continue providing banking services to the people of Grenville.  And I encourage persons to be careful with the institutions they are choosing to conduct their financial transaction; I am a promoter of Local banks and Local Credit Unions. The profit from these institutions remains locally in Grenada to help build the economy especially with the Credit Unions. 
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To Entrepreneurs Worldwide From Steve Jobs

Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels. The trouble makers, the round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently.
They’re not fond of rules and they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them… because they change things, they push the human race forward.
While some may see them as “the crazy ones”, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world – are the ones who do.
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Knowledge is Not Power

We may have all heard the popular phrase, “Knowledge is Power”. I was one of those persons who use to abuse this phrase and use it as my motivation for acquiring more and more knowledge.  It wasn’t until recently I started to realize something.
I wanted to build a website and I decided to take a course in website development since Knowledge is power. However upon completion of the course, I did absolutely nothing. I didn’t build any website. Today I’ve forgotten almost everything I learnt. I then I asked myself, “ if knowledge is power, why can’t I build a website and I took the course”.
It was then I realize that in fact, Knowledge is not Power, Knowledge is only Potential Power. It is the correct application of Knowledge that is Power. If I had used the skills I had acquired in the course, today I may have been a very good website builder. However I didn’t apply the knowledge and so that power is not within me.

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Green Transportation Challenge from Roberts Caribbean

Earth Day 2014 PRESS RELEASE 
Greening our personal mode of transportation – Take the challenge! 

During the last year, our life support systems, the air, water and land selflessly met and exceeded our every need for food, materials for shelter, flood prevention, climate regulation, opportunities for recreation, socio-economic growth and so much more. The continued ability of these systems to protect humanity and ensure an optimal quality of life is directly linked to the health of our ecosystems. This year, as we celebrate Earth Day 2014, we are reminded of the growing number of cities all over the world, and the tremendous environmental pressures associated with increased fossil fuel powered transportation. Importantly, the transportation sector represents one of the fastest growing sources of greenhouse gas emissions, the main culprit of global climate change. Vehicular discharges are also a major contributor to air quality problems, such as smog. Let’s make a little difference this year, and join the Team at Roberts Caribbean Limited as we take little, yet impactful steps to encourage green transportation and a healthier environment and city.

Here’s how it works.

1. Each week starting on Earth Day, April 22 and ending on World Environment Day June 5, each participant will find at least one opportunity to give up driving his/her personal vehicle and use a more environmentally friendly, healthier option to get from place A to B. Great alternative options for green transportation include:

  •  Carpooling – Hitch a ride to work, or to the grocery with a friend, colleague or family member. It saves a whole lot of gas and money, and you will be able to enjoy the beauty around you while someone else is at the wheel. 
  •  Walk instead of taking the car to complete an errand or meet a friend for lunch. 
  •  Take the bus – Yes, I know, it’s a bit inconvenient, but it could be a whole lot of fun – Surprise, you might meet a long lost friend and have a great conversation.  Innovate and share your own eco-transportation ideas.

2. Share with us each week your successes in meeting the GREEN TRANSPORTATION CHALLENGE – Contact us via facebook (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Roberts-Caribbean/334574046680935) or send us an email at robertscaribbean@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing about your exciting green adventures. Send us your photos in action!!

Roberts Caribbean Limited is a real estate and environmental and development consulting company based in Grenada.

Bruce Street Commercial 
Suite 2311 
Bruce Street, St. George’s, 
Tel: 473-442-9999 | 404-9999 
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The Real Kimron Corion

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Pure Grenada vs. Isle of Spice: Battle of the Brands

Lately I have been hearing of Grenada being branded as “Pure Grenada”. I didn’t give much thought to it; I thought it was merely a marketing campaign.  However I came across a post on Facebook that stated that the Minister of Tourism in Grenada said that” everyone is on board with Re-branding Grenada to Pure Grenada”.  This got me very interested, and I decided to do some digging on my own.
I believe that change is always good, especially if these changes will bring about positive feedback and lead to greater things. When I think about Grenada as the Isle of Spice, I get a clear picture of what the country is communicating, I automatically see Grenada as a country that is known for spices, and where I can find all different variety of spices. I guess that the persons responsible may have asked themselves, “Why should companies invest here or tourists come here, rather than go to other countries for investment and tourism?” and maybe spices weren’t a good enough answer. However this critical self-assessment is necessary and will lead to recognition of what needs to be done to make the country more attractive, after all this is the starting point of any branding process.
The purpose of nation branding is to position your country in the best possible way to the world, given its strengths and weaknesses. And I can only imagine that is what the brand “Pure Grenada” intends to convey, after all it was said that the intention is to re-position the island’s brand identity to more closely align with the core niche sectors that have been identified as target markets. I keep wondering what exactly that means, since a national brand needs to cover and represent all the diverse positive elements that make up a nation and not just a few sectors.
In order for the brand to be successful there needs to be buy in from stakeholders at all levels in the country.  Once there is support from stakeholders internally, these persons will tend to become natural promoters of the brand.
With the advent of Social Media, it is very easy for anything to be communicated to the outside world. Social Media will definitely be a viable avenue for pushing the “Pure Grenada” brand to the outside world. However I am concerned that Grenada is already being branded through Social Media. There are many persons, (and I am sure they may have good reasons) who seem to have purposed in their heart that they will project a negative image of Grenada because of their political views. Also many persons are using Social Media to express their lack of support for the “Pure Grenada” Brand. This leads me to conclude that there may have been buy in from persons in authority about the new brand. However a lot of persons have not yet been bought into this and this can affect the brand.
I myself have some questions, that I am sure can be answered by the persons in authority, questions such as; Why is the brand color blue?  What are the core-niche sectors that have been identified as target markets? What am I supposed to think when I hear the slogan “Pure Grenada”?  Is this mainly a tourism brand? How do outsiders see Grenada at the moment?  Who is the video that was used to launch the brand speaking to?
On the topic of the video, I love the video, I think it was well done and the vocals were incredible, when I watched it I saw a beautiful country. I am impressed. However I am concerned that the video is speaking mainly to persons like myself, Grenadians. It says “Sweet Grenada, this is home” off course its home for me, but not for the other millions of Canadians I see on a daily basis, so will it attract them, I doubt.
I will not get into an argument as to whether we should continue using “Isle of Spice” I like Isle of Spice, I can identify with it. However I believe that the Government must lead the national branding process.  Branding is a complex process and unless the Government gets buy in from stakeholders at all levels, then their efforts will not succeed. When I first heard “Pure Grenada”, I didn’t quite understand what was being communicated and I think that’s the part a lot of persons are having problems with. I urge the Government to sensitize persons more and get them to appreciate this new positioning that is being attempted for Grenada. Even though I like “Isle of Spice” I do believe it is sort of limited and doesn’t fully represent all the things that Grenada has to offer, however if we are to re-position ourselves then it must be done properly and must address all the shortcomings of the old brand. Remember branding is NOT advertising and according to Thomas Cromwell “nation branding is not simply coming up with a cute logo and tag line. It has a much deeper purpose: to position a nation so that it can achieve the maximum success in the world system, including garnering the maximum international recognition and clout, robust business relations with the world, and a healthy tourism industry. By doing this, a nation brings the maximum benefit to its people by giving them dignity, and by creating jobs and wealth.” (Cromwell, 2014)

I wish to also say to all my Grenadians both at home and in the diaspora. Please stop making it your duty to paint a negative picture of Grenada. It is OK to have your views on things; it is OK to support a political party of your choice. It is OK to voice your opinions on things in a diplomatic and respectable way.  But when you start attacking Grenada and the integrity of Grenadians, you are instrumental in ensuring that a negative picture is painted. This is not helping; true Grenadians will not go out of their way to paint a negative picture of Grenada to the world.
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The Beauty of “Keeping up with the Jones” in Grenada

I know the Jones. I see them on a daily basis. They live in the richer side of town in a huge house. They own a luxurious car and wear really nice clothes. Their children go to the best private schools, and both the husband and wife have really good jobs that earn them good salaries and life seems perfect. Is it?
The Joneses also have a huge housing mortgage, a motor vehicle loan, and they are also paying an educational loan. On a monthly basis, between 40 and 50% of their salaries are dedicated toward servicing their debt. They also pay cable, electricity, water, internet and phone, and private school bills for their children. Many nights, the Joneses cannot sleep because the weight of their mortgage is weighing on their minds. To further compound their financial burdens, they have personal problems between themselves because their lifestyle slowly deteriorates as the months goes by.
You on the other hand, your house is not very huge, but it is comfortable. Your car is not fancy, but it is in good condition and energy efficient. You do not live on the rich side of town, but your neighbourhood is relatively peaceful except for the occasional fights that occur every now and then. Your children go to the public schools, and they are doing quite well. Fortunately, you have a good job, though your salary is not very high. You are able to service your mortgage and other debt commitments and still have sufficient surplus income to live comfortably. Your lifestyle is not elaborate but comfortable. You can sleep peacefully without having to worry about your loans, and you and your spouse come together to work out any financial distress your family may be facing. So the question is, should you be trying to keep up with the Joneses or should the Joneses be trying to keep up with you?
Many times persons compromise the financial security of their families in order to try and live a lifestyle that they are not ready for. Because their neighbours have acquired something, in their mind, they do not want to be left behind, so they do the same. On many occasions, persons may be living a particular lifestyle that has become terribly difficult to maintain because of circumstances outside of their control. However, instead of cutting back on some of the things they do, they try to maintain this way of life in fear of what others may say and/or think.
Consequently, it is high time that persons attempt to attain greater financial security by taking charge of their finances, focusing on their personal situations, and stop looking to see what their neighbours and friends are doing.
As of January 2014, persons in Grenada earning between 36,000.00 and 60,000.00 XCD annually is required to pay 15% income tax as revealed by the Prime Minister in his address to the nation on Wednesday 30thOctober 2013. What does this mean for individuals? It means that our debt obligations and utility bills will remain the same. Food prices will remain constant and occasionally increase, gas prices will be relatively constant, and school fees will continue to rise yearly. HOWEVER, our SURPLUS INCOME will now be reduced. 
So one might ask, what should we do? We now need more than ever to take full charge of our personal financial situation. We need to stop buying things that we do not need, even if they are on sale. We need to stop buying things that we cannot afford and paying with future income. Every home should implement a budget because it will be critical that we keep track of our expenditure and income. Our expenditure should never under any circumstance exceed our income, and if it does, we need to cut back on our spending. On many occasions, we tend to confuse wants with needs in our budget. For instance, having all the cable channels is not a need. Also, although the internet is great to have, it too is a want.

Here are a few more useful tips that can be used during this belt tightening period. Firstly, we should pay off our debt with the highest interest rates first, and then focus on the rest. Secondly, we can lessen on the amount of times we eat out and carry our lunches to work. Thirdly, pay bills that will require high reconnection fees and arrears if they are not paid on time. Fourthly, avoid making your lifestyle more elaborate when you get a 3% increase in salary; save it or invest for higher returns. Additionally, we need to avoid excessive use of credit cards. Also, pay yourself first; no matter your income, you need to save a percentage from it. 10% is normally the recommended amount. Furthermore, negotiate everything. You would be surprised by the number of people who will be willing to lower their prices for you when you are shopping. Finally, to maintain healthy financial standards, STOP TRYING TO KEEP UP WITH THE JONESES.
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5 Business ideas Grenadians can start with very little start-up money

I have been thinking and this is what i came up with, these are five businesses that can start with very little money
1-    Consultant– Do you have expertise in something that you can use to help others. Then you could consider becoming a consultant.  However, you will definitely need to have expertise in something. This doesn’t mean having a degree. If you have been working in the marketing field for a number of years, then you can become a marketing consultant, helping businesses develop and launch their marketing campaigns.
2-    Bookkeeper– many small businesses in Grenada do not keep proper records, especially financial records. Many of these small businesses later go on to financial institutions to seek loans and other financial services. The financial institutions will then ask for their records which most of them normally don’t have. There is a great opportunity for someone involve in accounting, to approach these small businesses and offer to keep their books for them, and convert this into a legitimate business.
3-    Day Care– If you love children and love taking care of children as you would take care of your own, then this is a great opportunity for you. Lately many parents are becoming busier and need somewhere to put their babies and younger kids. Becoming a baby sitter or having a day care can be an opportunity to be exploited.
4-    Gift Basket Service– I believe this is a great opportunity. I am always looking for a gift for family, friends and loved ones and it always seems so difficult to find it. If someone can develop a business putting together gift baskets, then this will make a lot of person’s lives much easier.
5-    Social Media Consultant– Social Media has no doubt presented businesses with a unique marketing opportunity. However some of the generation x business owners may not be as savvy as generation Y. So if social media comes naturally to you, you may just have an opportunity to become a social media consultant.  If you can help existing businesses integrate social media into their other marketing campaigns, you should have no trouble making a go of it.

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