Social Media Starter Package

Social Media starter pack

You’re a busy entrepreneur; you know that you must have a presence on Social Media. That’s necessary to connect, engage and build relationships with customers online to grow your business. But you are not sure how to get started, or you are not completely satisfied with your current Social Media activities.

I completely understand, after all, before going all in on Social Media, that was my life. I was struggling to engage, connect and build relationships with people online. That was until I decided to go all in and learn everything I can about Social Media. Since completing my Master’s Degree in Digital Media. I have been on a mission to help entrepreneurs ease pains associated with getting started with Social Media.

Today, I want to help you spend more time focusing on what’s important to you in your business is correctly represented on Social Media. My team and I are happy to present you with our Social Media Starter Pack.

What The Starter Package Include

  • We’ll set up/refine/optimize your selected social media channels with branded and professional profile and cover images, engaging profile content, and a consistent feel and brand message across channels.
  • We will complete a full on Media Audit for you- We go through all of the available analytics and posts on your social media channels to figure out what’s working and what’s not.
  • Competitive Analysis: We’ll look at your competitors social media activities to see what they are up to in order to set up a strategy that will make you stand out from them in a good way.
  • We will provide you with a customized Social Media Strategy including content streams, relevant hashtags and sources of content inspiration posting style guide and more.
  • We’ll create seven days of content for you to use when you start out so you can take an entire week to get comfortable with all of the new tools and processes without having to come up with amazing content right away.
  • A 1-hour one on one session to answer all of your questions and make sure you are comfortable with getting started so you can feel comfortable when completing the social media strategy to guarantee your success.


What Is My Investment

How much will it cost you not to have a proper social media presence? How many potential clients are choosing your competitors because their Social Media presence is better than yours? A lack of appropriate social media presence may already be costing you a great deal. Today for $500 we can fix that.

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Who Am I

Most entrepreneurs, especially when starting out, struggle to acquire customers and grow their business. I use Social Media and Digital Storytelling to connect, engage and build meaningful relationship with customers online to sell stuff and achieve massive business growth.

I am a Social Media Strategist and Transmedia Storyteller. I graduated from Ryerson University with a Masters Degree in Digital Media and was the recipient of the Ryerson University’s Gold medal which is the University’s highest honor. I am also an (Organization of Eastern Caribbean state (OECS) 30 Under 30 award Winner. I am the Co-Founder of IamGrenadian.com, a movement dedicated to sharing the people, culture and tradition of Grenada.