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12 Things Caribbean Men Don’t Hear Often Enough

Yesterday I received news that someone I knew very well died, a young man admired by the community as was seen with the outpouring of support on Facebook. The news shocked me, I saw people sharing messages of love and support, and that got me thinking. There are some things our Caribbean men don’t hear often enough and while on the train today, I made a list of them and decided to share with you.

I Love you bro– As a homie, you say that to your bro, and you get hit with the “more fire” Slang, but hey, it’s ok to make your bro know you care for them and you’ve got their back.

Your opinion matters – honestly, sometimes we need to let the man know his opinion matters. That’s it

It’s ok to cry– If I start crying when something hurts me emotionally and deep, I am perceived as a pussy. But Nah, we’re emotional beings just like everybody else. I’m not Afraid to cry.

Invest your money– the cars and the bling bling and running women all over the place does nothing for your financial well-being. Invest in assets, the things that will give you a return.

It’s ok to talk about depression – Your girl leaves you or something traumatic happens or is happening, and instead of talking about it and seeking help, you try to hide it. You are scared you will be seen as soft. Nah bro, your mental health is important.

I believe in you, you got this– I remember once feeling like a failure and that I had let down my family. I was expecting something to happen and it didn’t, I thought my wife would be mad. But I got home and she was nothing but supportive, she even sent me a text the next day while I was out saying, babe, I believe in you, you got this.

If the people around you don’t uplift you, they don’t inspire you to want to do better and be the best that you can be; they are not your friends, drop them.

You’re running your own race– you’re not in a race with anyone, you don’t have to compete with anyone in life. If your homie buys a big house, you don’t have to try to get a bigger one.

Your health is important – That’s why I got nothing but mad love for my brother Kevaughn from Graham Sports and Fitness out there talking the message of health and wellness to the masses.

It’s ok to celebrate the wins of your friends – me winning does not stop you from winning so let’s win together.

Gallis is not an official title -instead of spending time running woman. Take that time to build something of value that can transcend generations. Build generational wealth. Also, be careful with these loans man, they are not your friend.

You don’t have to be perfect you just have to keep working on yourself and keep getting better.

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