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On a daily basis, I get invitations to like different pages on Facebook and from friends and contacts. I see various ads in my newsfeed from people trying to increase the likes on their page. But today, does likes on Facebook equate to anything meaningful, I mean at the end of the day, organic reach is so low that whenever you post something does anyone sees it?

Brands need to start coming up with some more sustainable solutions to deal with declining organic reach. I believe developing a highly engaged niche community with particular need as opposed to trying to target everyone is the starting point to all this. One of the main reason we were able to build “I Am Grenadian” and developed a highly engaged community is we didn’t try appealing to everyone; we focused on the Grenadian community.

For those of you starting blogs and similar content based projects, don’t try to target everyone, if you go for that broad appeal what you will end up with is a poor reception. If you have a budget and can invest in ads and sponsored content, then that’s great. With paid media, you will be able to ensure you content rise above the noise online and get seen. Building a personal brand is also a great way to go, I think if you can build a personal brand you can use that personal brand to deploy attention to any project you are working on. I was able to create a brand around myself, the things that interest me and what I want to get known for such as Social Media strategy and storytelling. With the attention of my personal brand now I can deploy that attention to the different project I am working on.

That in my opinion of how we can go about dealing with declining organic reach. Those are not the only ways, and I am sure everyone has their ways. However, this is a place to start. How do you deal with declining reach?

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