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10 of the wickedest Online Tools all Caribbean Entrepreneurs need to be using now

Online Tools for Caribbean Entrepreneurs

In the information age it is becoming much easier for Caribbean Entrepreneurs to start and run businesses even though they never had a formal business education or are unable to finance certain specialized business courses. Below is a list of the 10 best online resources that Caribbean Entrepreneurs Should be using now.

  • fiverr is a resource where Caribbean Entrepreneurs can get anything done for 5 dollars. One might think, since its 5 dollars the work would be of poor quality, and depending on what you want done it may be of poor quality. You wouldn’t try to get a quality website built for 5 dollars. However for gigs such as graphic designs, articles, videos, desktop publishing, if you need a virtual assistant among many other services. Every Caribbean Entrepreneur should be checking Fiverr now to get things done.

  •    Asana- Asana is a free project management tool. This tool allows teams to communicate without the use of email. How cool is that? This is ideal for businesses where the team members are not in the same location or in the same country.

  •   Google Hangout- Hangout allows you to have face to face conversation online, you can record an interview with someone for free and publish it as a video on YouTube. Every Caribbean Entrepreneur should be using Google Hangouts and if you’re not download it immediately.

  • as a Caribbean Entrepreneur in 2014, you must have a website, if you do not have a website or you can’t afford to pay to build one then Wix is for you. Wix is a platform where you can create free stunning websites to give your business a home online and a professional touch.

  •  Survey Monkey- Survey monkey makes it very easy for Caribbean Entrepreneurs to conduct market research. If you have a product idea and not sure whether it will resonate with your target audience, well create a survey on Survey Monkey and get people to give their feedback. This is one of the most efficient ways to get feedback from your customers and it’s free.

  • Canva allows you to create remarkable visual graphics for your website or business social media pages free of cost. No design skills is needed, canva is easy to use and you can create top quality visual contents that can generate a buzz online for your business.

  •  Jing- This is an app from Techsmith, jus type Jing in the Google search engine and you will see it. Jing is awesome; it allows you to capture any part of a screen and save it as a picture. It also allows you to create videos that you can share online and the best part is Jing is free.

  •  MailChimp- Email marketing is alive and well and lots of Entrepreneurs in the US and Canada are having lots of success with email marketing. Caribbean Entrepreneurs should not be left behind, Mail Chimp is one of the simplest ways to manage your email marketing effort and it allows you to have up to 2000 email subscribers for free.

  • Evernote- Evernote allows you to manage your life and your business in an efficient manner. It allows you to capture data whether on your mobile device, computer or tablets and help you remember projects you’re working on in your business.

  • /Wordpress- These two resources will allow you to build a blog for your business for free. Blogging is one of the ways that businesses are currently making their mark online. Caribbean Entrepreneurs should not be left behind with this. Create a blog and share valuable resources to your readers, you will benefit tremendously.

Do you know of any other online tools that Caribbean Entrepreneurs should be using right now?

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3 Ways To Build Instant Credibility For Your Brands

Brand Credibility
One of the most talked about aspects of building a business as of late is that of growing your brand. There are millions of brands out there bombarding consumers on a daily basis and more coming in stream daily. It is important to understand how to properly brand yourself and your business so you can stand out among the noise and register in the mind of consumers. Having an effective brand can give you a major competitive edge over your competition.
Your brand is a combination of your promise to your customers and also what your customers and others think about you. However you are registered in the mind of people is very crucial because if you are trying to build a brand for being a modern and cool clothing company and persons think you are old fashion, your brand will then be an old fashion one despite you wanting it to be modern and cool. Hence the importance of protecting your brand and building its credibility.
It’s crucial for entrepreneurs to understand that there are three aspects to branding for success. They need to first cultivate their personal brand. People do business with people they know and trust. Branding your company is also crucial, in order to communicate your company’s culture, its values and its promise to customers. There is also a need to brand your products, do you want your product to be one that is cheap or expensive, good quality or poor quality, high end of low end. Branding your product will help determine your success.
Having a brand and not credibility is one of the pains that most entrepreneurs experience on a daily basis and I will share three simple ways that business people can build credibility for their brand
Getting testimonials from experts who can include influencers and celebrities– When an expert endorses the brand, it adds instant credibility to the brand.
This is great for adding instant credibility to a brand, many influencers whether on LinkedIn or Twitter and other social media platforms have huge followings. Many people don’t trust sales messages and would prefer to buy based on a recommendation from a friend or someone who they consider to be an authority on a certain topic. You can reach out to these influencers on social media and build a relationship with them, engaging them and this can prove beneficial to you in the long run.
The same applies with celebrities as they have huge followings, and people often are heavily influenced by their endorsements. Getting an endorsement from a major celebrity can add instant credibility to a brand. One of the problems faced by small businesses and entrepreneurs is that of not having the budget to pay for endorsements from celebrities. It is not nearly as difficult as people may thing to get endorsements and testimonials from celebrities. Sites such as and IMDB Pro are celebrity databases they can use to get in touch with celebrities.
Once you can connect these people, you can turn them into brand advocates for your business and enjoy the success that major brand experience.
Through Content Creation and Curation– Another way that entrepreneurs and small business people can build credibility for their brand is through content marketing.
Content marketing involves sharing business insights and information with consumers without selling to them directly. This strategy can help build credibility for an entrepreneur and also establish them as thought leaders and experts in their field. Content marketing can take many forms including videos, infographics, blog posts, and articles. When people know they can come to you for insightful information without you trying to always sell them something, it becomes easier to sell them something. There are many mediums for creating content even if you’re a beginner. Canva and Pickmonkey are great sites for creating visual contents and the best part is that it’s free. There are many tutorials from outstanding entrepreneurs showing how to craft the perfect blog post and video creation platform such as PowToons will allow you to create outstanding videos for use in branding yourself.
While creating contents is great, content Curation, which is simply sorting through the vast amount of information available on the internet and presenting the best ones that aligns with your area of expertise and sharing it with your community. This can add credibility to your brand since people will constantly see you as the person or business that’s always giving them something without trying to get something in return. Scoopit and PostPlanner are both tools that can be used to curate contents and share them with your community on the web.
Setting up strategic Partnership with Established brands– This is a simple and effective way to build instant credibility for your brand.
Strategic partnerships are awesome because many entrepreneurs and small business may not have the resources needed to go out and build a brand from scratch. Marketing and advertising can be painfully expensive. Establishing strategic partnerships with established brands that share your values whether it is to host an event or getting an endorsement (see point one above) can prove very beneficial.
Partnering with other brands not only brings you credibility and exposure but increased revenues, customer loyalty and retention. To partner with brands it is important to establish a relationship with that brand, and connect the right people within the company. You can often use Twitter or LinkedIn to find and connect with influencers within the company.
You need to be genuine when trying to partner with another brand. You want to make sure you’re offering something that will help them achieve their goals. You need to be patient and persistent, things may not work out the first time, but keep at it and your success will follow
Every entrepreneur and business has a brand, whether they want it or not. Once you exist people will form an opinion of you and what you do. Using the point above you can develop and establish instant credibility for your brand and ensure your brand stand above the noise.
This article is written by Kimron Corion and Originally Published on, the link is as follows Three Ways to Build Instant credibility for your Brand

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Think Big, Work Smart Hustle Hard: Business Start Up Series Part 3

Identifying Your Target Market
In Part 3 of this Business Start-Up Series, we will be taking a look at the Target Market and correctly identifying your target market for success. Find a PDF version of this presentation  Here
Identifying Your Target market

In part one and two we took a look at what type of entrepreneur you are, and you came up with a great idea for your business so now you are ready to rumble. However not quite, now that you have your business idea, you need to now try to figure out your market. Generally you can sell to consumers and also to businesses, and in some cases to both businesses and consumers.
One of the mistakes businesses make, especially small businesses is that they try to be everything to everyone. The best thing to do here is to segment your market, the narrower you can make your market the better. Many business experts recommends this approach, it is a process known as creating a niche. Many businesses try to do everything and are surprise when things don’t work out , not realizing they may be confusing themselves and their potential customers.
There are demographic and psychographics one can use to segment their target market some demographic factors include:
  • ·         Age
  • ·         Location
  • ·         Gender
  • ·         Income
  • ·         Education
  • ·         Occupation
  • ·         Ethnicity
  • ·         Marital Status
  • ·         # of Children

Some Psychographic factors include:
  • ·         Personality
  • ·         Attitudes
  • ·         Values
  • ·         Interests/hobbies
  • ·         Lifestyle
  • ·         Behaviour

According to Lynda Falkenstein, the author of “Nichecraft: Using Your Specialness to Focus Your Business, Corner Your Market and Make Customers Seek you out”. Creating a good niche is a seven step process.
1-      Make a Wishlist- This involve taking a look at with whom you want to do business and try being as specific as possible.
2-      Focus- You need to clarify exactly what you will like to sell, you should already have identified this from part 2 of this series.
3-      Describe your customer worldview-  Look at the world from your customers view point and try to determine their needs and wants
4-      Synthesize- Your niche should start taking shape by now
a.       It takes you where you want to go
b.      Somebody else want it
c.       Its carefully planned
d.      Its unique
e.      It allows you to develop different profit centres and maintain the core business
5-      Evaluate- evaluate your product or service against the qualities in 4 above
6-      Test- This happens once you have found a match between a niche and a product, test market it
7-      Go for it- Now it’s time to go hard or go home, it’s time to implement your idea
Identifying your target market is of utmost importance because it allows you to build a solid foundation for your business.  And as a small business, it becomes easier to compete with the larger companies if you go after a niche market.  All this does not mean however that if someone who isn’t part of your target market comes to buy, you will not sell. You will, however, you will direct all your marketing and promotional effort to a particular type of people.

Having a target market is crucial, ensure that you identify clearly who your target market is, and follow the steps above and comment below if you believe anything is missing or you wish to add to this post.

Part One of this Series can be Found Here  Part Two can be  Found Here

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4 Extraordinary Programmes and Resources for Caribbean Entrepreneurs

Caribbean Entrepreneurs Resources

In my day to day dealings, I come across Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Entrepreneurs from the Caribbean all seeking information and resources for their businesses. This has prompted me to put together a list of some of the resources and programmes that I believe Caribbean Entrepreneurs and aspiring Entrepreneurs can fully benefit from. The top four (4) resources are as follows:

 1- SME ToolKit Caribbean– the SME toolkit is one of my favourite resources. Here Entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs will find information on starting and running a business. This is one of those resources that Caribbean Entrepreneurs should constantly have access to when managing different aspect of their business. There you will find, How to Articles, Business Forms, Tools and Resources and many more. The best thing someone can do right now is check out this amazing resource at The Website Here

 2- Caribbean Innovation Challenge– the Caribbean Innovation Challenge (CIC) is a regional competition and business start-up accelerator for young entrepreneurs in the CARICOM and OECS Member and Associate states. The CIC is a Programme organized by the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT), in collaboration with National and Regional Partners in the Americas. The CIC identifies and awards innovative ventures led by young people, which respond to the most urgent economic and social issues in their communities, the programme supports projects becoming sustainable businesses. Citizens between 18 and 34 years old (by 11:59 PM, May 31, 2015) of CARICOM and OECS Member States are eligible to participate. Participants can register under any of the following categories: • Social Innovation • Economic Innovation • Environmental Innovation Aspiring and existing Caribbean Entrepreneurs who fit into the criterions should make use of this opportunity. More information can be found here On this Link

 3- Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship (Caribbean) – The Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship – Caribbean was opened in Montego Bay Jamaica by Sir Richard Branson In September 2011. The Centre is a hub for aspiring entrepreneurs. Their mission is to offer practical business skills, access to coaches to offer guidance, mentors to share their experiences, professional services to build strong businesses, exposure to networks, finance and investment opportunities. Though located in Jamaica, the Branson Centre is for all aspiring Caribbean Entrepreneurs and it’s a programme that entrepreneurs can benefit greatly from.

 4- Caribbean Small Business Academy– This is a resource; started by a Caribbean Entrepreneur (Sandra Baptiste) is one that Caribbean Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Entrepreneurs should definitely take a look into this. Their mission is to support Caribbean Entrepreneurs and small business owners to grow their businesses to live the life they desire. Within the Academy, you’ll find audio and video training, resources, templates, expert interviews and much more to help you grow your business. While it is a paid membership site and business, there are a number of free resources that Entrepreneurs can use including a three part business series and a copy of the book, Unlock the Code. More information can be found  Here

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 These resources and Programmes are not all that there is, however they are a great place to start as an entrepreneur or if you are thinking about taking the plunge into entrepreneurship. If you know of any more resources that can benefit Caribbean Entrepreneurs, please mention them in the comments below

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Top Content Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs doing Business Online

The internet has made it easier for Small Businesses to compete effectively with larger Companies in terms of marketing online. The large budgets of the larger corporations no longer give them an advantage over everyone. Everyone who does business online or has some sort of online presence, should be involve in content marketing. It is said that Online, Content is King, thus content leadership in your space is essential to your success. Here is a List of the top resources for Doing Content Marketing correct. It is a List on created by CopyClique French.

Content Marketing Tips & Tools

Want to tell your Brand Story online and not sure how to do so, Stay tuned to this Blog for more information on Creating Contents and branding yourself online.

Click Here to learn more about Starting and Growing a business with Content Marketing 

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Caribbean Entrepreneur Barnadette “Camille” Warren: St Vincent and the Grenadines

Today i present to you Vincentian Entrepreneur, Camille Warren, we had a very interesting chat and i wish to present some of the things we spoke about. I do hope this will inspire aspiring entrepreneurs and actual entrepreneurs.
Bernadette “Camille” Warren is an entrepreneur from the Village of Belair in St Vincent. She is the wife of Taireen Warren, who is also her business partner. Taireen loves business, He has a degree in Business Administration , has acquired knowledge in management, communication and, organizational skills that is quite essential to starting or having a successful business. Camille is creative, charismatic with keen business insights from her previous work experiences. Their passion for business and helping people gave birth to their business Brio Che. 
1.       Tell me about your business, what is it about?
Brio Che is an eco-friendly brand/business offering an array of natural, handmade, health and beauty coconut products. Brio Che means, “A life of fun and vitality.” We currently offer; Organic Virgin & Pure Coconut oil, Organic Coconut Soaps, Eco Friendly Scented Candles in Coconut Shell, Exfoliating Body Scrubs, and Moisturizing Lip Balms all made from coconut goodness. It is also an agricultural, environmental and health initiative to encourage persons to utilize the natural resources here on our island.
2.      What ignited the spark in you to start a new business venture? How did the idea for your business come about?
The spark was the moment I was at my grandmother’s house and she was busy processing coconut to make coconut oil. It was something she has been doing for over 50 years and seems to enjoy. I got in on the fun as she passed on her knowledge and expertise to me. My fascination has always been to use the coconut milk to make Gelato (Ice Cream) but this was a bigger idea that required much more financing. It wasn’t long before we decided to start Brio Che with a coconut line to make our own natural products as it was also getting hard to keep up with purchasing healthier alternatives.
3.      How many hours do you work on your business a day on average?
Oh wow no sleep, just kidding. 7am-9pm or 9am-11pm, so like 14hours a day, sometimes 18hrs. Hubby has a fulltime job so he has work at work and work when he gets home, exactly what he says all the time.  We do believe working hard and smart is one of the main ingredients to success so it is necessary. I will get up and get dressed in my work overall/attire as if I was going to work, so that I stay focus and discipline.  
4.      What motivates you?
I draw motivation from every positive thing that surrounds me.  God, nature, love, great people, good books, my desire to accomplish phenomenal things in life amidst the challenges and making people happy. It brings such satisfaction to see the smile on someone’s face after I’ve just helped them in some way.
5.      What is your greatest fear, and how do you manage fear?
I despise dealing with overly negative or difficult people. Hubby seems to have a knack for that though so I am learning a lot from him. I can’t think of anything else that I am fearful of right now. I do get nervous about things I don’t necessarily have control over, but at the same time I can manage that by proper planning or improving. I now understand things don’t always go the way you anticipate even with the best plans, so being able to move forward is important.
6.     How do you define success?
Success to me is about being happy with where you are at in life, having accomplished specific or personal goals and making your dreams a reality.  I don’t believe I am successful just yet, but I will be in a few years.
7.      Who has been your greatest inspiration?
Everyone who supports our journey inspires us to persevere.  Happy customers, other business people or organizations that offer their guidance, friends and family that genuinely wants us to succeed inspires us because they believe we can do great things and this gives us the confidence and motivation to always do our best.
8.      What book has inspired you the most? (OR what is your favourite book?)
My favourite book, Wow, i have a ton of favorites, smiling… especially in audio format like Anthony Robbins, he is my source for motivation. However someone lent me a copy of David Novak- “Taking people with you,” which I thoroughly enjoyed. I really need to get my own copy. His book is a unique insight on personal development, and how to bring out the best in others. It is one of the best, most practical hands-on books on leadership I’ve ever read. My plan is to apply the principles I’ve learnt, to be a charismatic and successful Entrepreneur, and assist other persons along my journey… it really is the only way to make big things happen.
9.      What is your favourite aspect of being an entrepreneur?
What I love about being an entrepreneur is the ability to make the decisions. Though hubby is the decisive one, having my hubby as my business partner, with his great set of skills and keen business perspective is awesome. The flexibility to work from anywhere is my greatest love and knowing the success of our business is up to us. I also think it is quite fulfilling creating an opportunity for ourselves that may someday create opportunities for others.
10.   Do you think that entrepreneurship is important to your local economy and why?
Yes, I think entrepreneurship is good for the growth of our local economy and is very important. One of our goals was to utilize our resources on our island to reduce imports, while inspiring persons to support more locally made products, so more money stays here to develop our communities.  It is high time we as a small island start exporting too. This will intensify competition, create employment, increase productivity, and offer customers value. So entrepreneurship really does benefit everyone along the way.
11.  Where do you see yourself and your business 10 years from now?
I see myself as a very successful entrepreneur by then, with our very own Brio Che, Health Store and Gelato Cafe not only in St.Vincent but several places around the world. I see myself traveling around the world. I will also like to have an establishment that assists other entrepreneurs. I know how hard it can be to have great ideas and not being able to make them a reality.
12.  What three pieces of advice would you give to students who want to become entrepreneurs? An entrepreneur is one who takes initiative, creates his or her own opportunities and accepts some risks…so be prepared to take risks. Secondly being discipline is important I think the hardest part is the discipline it takes to get everything together. Finally, stay motivated and focus on your goals, you have to have a clear vision of where you going or what you want to achieve.  Finally as long as you are passionate about your business and committed to delivering your best, people will notice. The rest will follow.


Please check out their  Website here
Like Brio Che on facebook:

Email for more information

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10 Brilliant Business Insights i gained from Wayne “Waggy T” Redhead

Photo Credit:
The Caribbean have some of the most astute businessmen and women and Grenada is no exception.One of the most influential and most prolific businessmen in Grenada is Wayne “Waggy T” Redhead and i have learned so much from just observing the way he does business. Below is an info-graphic showing top Business Insights gained from him.

Business Lessons From Waggy T
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10 Commandments of Entrepreneurship for Caribbean Entrepreneurs

The Caribbean is filled with many successful entrepreneurs, and many of them understand what is really means to be a true Entrepreneur. However, as talented as many Caribbean Entrepreneurs are, many of them do not do many of the things listed below. The info-graphic highlights the 10 Commandments of Entrepreneurship for Caribbean Entrepreneurs. 
Caribbean Entrepreneurs

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Starting and Growing Small Businesses with Content Marketing

One of the essences of Economics is trying to satisfy unlimited needs with limited resources. Small businesses and large businesses all have this in common, they all have limited resources. Small businesses and entrepreneurs who are thinking of starting up a business may be even more limited and some of these may not always be physical. Some of their limitations can include: lack of access to funding; ability to penetrate a market and position themselves and poor focus, some may know how to build a product but not how to build a business.

In today’s information age it is always a bit surprising to encounter an entrepreneur who is not using the internet and its resources effectively and to their advantage. One of the great things that the internet has done is make resources available to help everyone be successful at no cost or cheaply. One of the mediums that many aspiring entrepreneurs are using to help launch their business is that of Social Media. Small businesses or aspiring entrepreneurs all set up their Facebook business page or twitter account and some believe this is sufficient. Without a proper plan in place this can basically be a waste of time.

Content marketing is one of the vehicles that can be used together with Social Media to help build a business. Sharing business insights and information with consumers without selling to them directly can help boost an entrepreneur’s reputation and also establish them as a thought leader. It also makes their customers feel more intelligent which can be a plus for him/her.  Some of the many contents that can be created include videos, info graphics, blog post and articles. There are some facts of content marketing that many people may not know and some of these includes,

1-      Content Marketing is used by some of the biggest and well-known companies- Companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Nike, and Apple are all using content marketing to their advantage. Small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs can have this same luxury, there are many online resources available to help create content. Websites such as canva, Moovly and many others have provided effective ways for help create content.  Many of the larger companies use celebrities in their contents which may be the reason they are so successful. Small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs still have an online resource to compete; can allow them to get in contact with representatives of celebrities to help boost their content strategy for a small cost. Basically there is no excuse for small businesses to not be successful if they use the internet to their advantage. can provide all small businesses with timely information to be successful in content marketing.
2-      There are numerous benefits to be obtained by getting involved in content Marketing- Content marketing can help you increase sales and is very cost effective, you can reach people you may not have reached normally, and allow you to build valuable relationship with them. It helps boost your reputation and brand image and help set people apart from others. One of the most important benefits is that it helps create a levelled playing field for large and small enterprises.
3-      Having content and not spreading it is a waste of time- Some people says content is King, however if the content is not being distributed and not being consumed its nothing. This is one of the most important facts of content marketing. One website that can help with this is

In a world filled with uncertainty, factors such as job security has been eroded, one of the better decisions that an individual can make is to become an entrepreneur. The internet has eroded many of the barriers to entry for many industries. Businesses has never been easier to start up, the resources out there are many. Content marketing should never be ignored when entrepreneurs are starting their businesses or looking to grow their business. Today’s consumers have already blocked out many of the traditional marketing medium and content marketing present a new and different approach to doing things. Though content marketing is not new, it is most definitely not going anywhere soon and everyone involve in business should think seriously about it.
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Caribbean Countries where its easiest to start a business

According to the 2014 world bank doing business report, St Lucia tops the list of Caribbean Countries in terms of ease of doing business. However as it relates to starting a business, Its easiest to start a business in Jamaica. Here is an info-graphic that shows the top 10 Caribbean countries where its easiest to start a business.
1.       Jamaica: World Bank 2014 ease of starting a business ranking – 23
·         Days to register a firm- 6
·         Deposit in bank- 0% of national income
·         Conduct name search and prepare incorporation documents- 1 days
·         Register with commercial registry- 1 days
·         Cost (% of national income)- 6.4
2.       Dominica: World Bank 2014 ease of starting a business ranking –  51
·         Days to register a firm- 12
·         Deposit in bank- 0% of national income
·         Conduct name search and prepare incorporation documents- 1 days
·         Register with commercial registry- 2 days
·         Cost (% of national income)- 16.5
3.       St Lucia: World Bank 2014 ease of starting a business ranking –  57
·         Days to register a firm- 15
·         Deposit in bank- 0% of national income
·         Conduct name search and prepare incorporation documents- 2 days
·         Register with commercial registry- 6 days
·         Make Company seal-  7 days
4.       Trinidad and Tobago: World Bank 2014 ease of starting a business ranking –  67
·         Days to register a firm- 37.5
·         Deposit in bank- 0% of national income
·         Conduct name search and prepare incorporation documents- 1 day
·         Register with commercial registry- 4 days
·         Make Company seal-  2 days
5.       St Vincent: World Bank 2014 ease of starting a business ranking –  68
·         Days to register a firm- 10
·         Deposit in bank- 0% of national income
·         Conduct name search and prepare incorporation documents- 2 days
·         Register with commercial registry- 2 days
·         Cost (% of national income)- 17.2
6.       Grenada: World Bank 2014 ease of starting a business ranking –  72
·         Days to register a firm- 15
·         Deposit in bank- 0% of national income
·         Conduct name search and prepare incorporation documents- 5 days
·         Register with commercial registry- 5 days
·         Make Company seal-  2 days
·         Cost (% of national income)- 19.7
7.       St Kitts: World Bank 2014 ease of starting a business ranking –  73
·         Days to register a firm- 18.5
·         Deposit in bank- 0% of national income
·         Conduct name search and prepare incorporation documents- 2 days
·         Register with commercial registry- 3 days
·         Make Company seal-  5 days
·         Cost (% of national income)- 8.7
8.       Barbados: World Bank 2014 ease of starting a business ranking –  77
·         Days to register a firm- 18
·         Deposit in bank- 0% of national income
·         Conduct name search and prepare incorporation documents- 4 days
·         Register with commercial registry- 2 days
·         Make Company seal-  1 days
·         Cost (% of national income)- 7.2
9.       Bahamas: World Bank 2014 ease of starting a business ranking –  83
·         Days to register a firm- 23.5
·         Deposit in bank- 0% of national income
·         Conduct name search and prepare incorporation documents- 2 days
·         Register with commercial registry- 10 days
·         Make Company seal-  3 days
·         Cost (% of national income)- 10.4
10.   Antigua and Barbuda: World Bank 2014 ease of starting a business ranking –  92
·         Days to register a firm- 21
·         Deposit in bank- 0% of national income
·         Conduct name search and prepare incorporation documents- 4 days
·         Register with commercial registry- 10 days
·         Make Company seal-  5 days
·         Cost (% of national income)- 10.5
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