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If You’re A Soca Artist, This Is How You Should Be Using Social Media

Soca and Social Media

When I younger, I wanted to become a soca artist. I even started writing songs with my friends, but I quickly realized I didn’t have what it took, so I decided to focus on what I was good at. In the past, soca artists advertised themselves to the public with the help of radio stations, DJs, and promoters, who booked them for shows. Therefore, artists didn’t have much control over their brands; however, because of technological advancements, the script has been flipped. Today’s technology now gives artists a significant say regarding the distribution and exposure of their musical products.

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15 Secret Tips And Tricks To Supercharge Your Instagram Game

There is no other social media platform like Instagram which is geared towards interactivity. Attractive pictures get their first comment and like within few seconds of posting. However, unlike other social media tools, communicating on Instagram exclusively revolves on visual stimuli because of its format.

Generating More Followers And Likes

Comments and likes play a major role on Instagram as both of these interactions lead to getting more followers for your Instagram profile. But to make sure that there is frequent interaction followed by great coverage, your content as well as the entire user profile must be inviting as well as active.

One method to enhance your Instagram game is to buy Instagram likes. Of course, there is no harm in doing so. But what if there is a procedure where you can purchase Instagram likes and followers and use some engaging tactics side-by-side. Isn’t it great?

So, let’s check out some of the tactics you can follow-

1) Posting Regularly and Daily

Sometimes the best content tactics won’t work if there is not enough material to publish. It is not necessary to post many pictures on Instagram in a single day. One snap is enough if the content is of high quality.

Instagram users like to see worthwhile content and just by checking out some of the popular and likable Instagram profiles, you can understand the importance of quality images.


2) Editing Posts

Sometimes you might have made a spelling mistake or forgot to add a hashtag. Well, don’t worry about it. Once content is uploaded on Instagram, you can easily make the necessary edits to the text. But you cannot modify the filters, so make sure to pick them wisely the first time; else you will end up re-uploading them.

3) Posting Content When Interested Users Are Online

As you are aware from other social media platforms like Facebook, ‘Social Timing’ is one of the critical and magic phrases that you need to know. But is this common knowledge so popular that people follow it? No! Just take a closer look at the content present on Instagram. Many people are still not utilizing or paying attention to it.

As a consequence, high-quality content gets published, but there isn’t a single person to view and comment or like them. And what is the use of posting when there are no interactive users to grab the useful information?

4) Never Missing Posts Of Your Favorite People

It is common to have a favorite Instagram profile that you follow. And these Instagram profiles consistently post interesting pictures, and you might not be aware of it.

Luckily, there is a method to filter your favorites and avoid missing the posts. Among the various snaps of babies, cats, and dogs, filtering the desired photos is easy. You need to go to the particular contact that you like, click on the three dots present in the top right. Then choose the option ‘Turn on Post Notifications’.

5) Provide a Specific Call-To-Action For The Post

Would you create a landing page which doesn’t have a good call-to-action? Obviously not! Then why is that there are various social media posts on Instagram which are not able to bring in active responses. You need to realize that most of the users might respond to your instructions and follow them, not everybody.

But it doesn’t mean that you should not include a call-to-action like ‘tag a buddy who likes this snap in the comment section’ or ‘double tap if you feel the photo is beautiful’ as you post photos on Instagram.


Through their impact, you can know how successful these measures are. Just keep in mind that if the engagement rate increases, then you are on the right track. And you need to intensify and develop the given principles further.

6) Arranging Filters As Per Your Preference

There are filters that you like and make your pictures better compared to others. It can be a massive taxing procedure to sift through the entire list of the filters to choose the one that you want. But with Instagram you have the option to hide the filters that you don’t want.

So, you can rearrange your filters in such a manner that the first five are the ones that you commonly use or like next to the original picture.

7) Re-Posting Popular Content

One of the major aspects of your Instagram analysis is you have to check which content is popular in general. It is easy to find that information by checking out the number of comments and likes that individual post gets. Posting regularly will make sure that you get a solid base that you can use to compare your success rate.

Through your comparison, you can understand which type of content works best. And such kind of content is what you need to publish regularly and provide your targeted groups with.

8) Get The List Of Posts You Liked

Sometimes it is good to know which posts you have liked. This is good especially when you can get the lists of people who have liked or commented on your posts. Isn’t that something you would be keen to know?

9) Using Special Hashtags Related To Your Brand

Major businesses and brands are not the only ones who have the right to use hashtags. You can utilize this awesome tool in a similar manner. Even if you have just started posted on Instagram or are a novice, it is recommended to use hashtags.

By branding your content with hashtags, you are ensuring that your content is more associated to your business as well as the brand. Also, it helps you to monitor which content has been already posted and is effective. Plus it can help to find out if any of your interesting photos have been shared on Instagram through third-parties. No doubt, using hashtags brings a positive contribution to your business as well as your brand.


10) Clearing Search History

There can be situations when search history is useful. But other times, you might want to avoid getting reminded about the profiles stalked by you. To clear the history of your Instagram’s activity, you need to click on the ‘Settings’ option of your account and select the ‘Clear Search History’ button.

11) Converting Your Account To Private

Sometimes you won’t want the whole world to follow you and see what you are posting. And now is the best time to convert your account into private. So, it means that individuals must provide a request to follow you, and they will not be able to view what you post or check your account until you accept their invitation.

12) Finding Out Trending Hashtag That Attract Huge Attention

Like other platforms, on Instagram certain content belonging to a particular topic gets often repeated and that too over a period of time of time. Hashtags are often associated with such content, thereby enabling individual hashtags to be often used. It is easy to find out about these specific hashtags and use them for yourself, especially if the topic is an excellent match for your content.

Websites such as iDigic help you to Reach a wider audience on Instagram and bring in more interaction at the same time.

13) Interacting With Followers And Other Instagrammers

To boost the engagement rates of your content, you need to make yourself active. Keep in mind the golden rule that if you get any comment or feedback, make sure to thank and reply to the contributor.

It doesn’t need to be an extravagant or elaborate text. Just keep the response concise and simple and make sure to thank each of the users who have shared their opinion.

14) Prevent Certain Individuals From Checking Your Instagram Stories

Recently, Instagram added a particular feature called Instagram Stories. It allows users to share a short live clip which remains active for 24 hours. Now if you don’t want certain individuals to view these stories, you can filter them out.


For hiding the stories that you post, you need to go to your account and choose the ‘Settings’ option present in the top right. Then go to the ‘Story Settings’ option and click on the ‘Hide Story From’ option and choose the particular users that shouldn’t view the stories.

15) Reducing Usage Of Mobile Data

If you don’t have enough or huge data allowance on your device’s contract, don’t fret. You can set Instagram to use less data. It is simple, but you need to keep in mind that it will take a longer time to load images and videos.

Winding Up

Instagram has been around for a while. Just because, you can use the best filters or know what filters bring out the best in your photos, it doesn’t mean you are well-versed in using Instagram. There are certain tricks and hacks that you must utilize to ensure that your Instagram account gets the required attention of your potential customers. By following the tips given above, you can gain a better understanding of how effective Instagram is as a marketing tool.



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Instagram Stories VS SnapChat- Good Artists Copy; Great Artists Steal

For a very long time, many people have advocated using Snapchat for marketing especially if the intention was to reach millennials. While I agree that Snapchat is a useful tool, I must admit that I have not been using it to market myself or build my brand. Instead, I have stuck with the more traditional platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram simply because that’s where I can most readily find my target audience. Admittedly, I know ignoring Snapchat was not wise, especially when social media experts like Gary Vaynerchuk put their reputations behind it, but I was stuck in my ways until a recent development.

Lo and behold, one of my preferred platforms, Instagram, recently launched their own version of Snapchat with their stories feature and guess who has been using stories on a daily basis. Yes, this guy! Honestly, I love Instagram stories. I get to share moments in my day with my audience which builds a better connection and lays the foundation for my brand in the long run. However, with the unveiling of Instagram stories, I have observed that many people on social media have been complaining that Instagram is copying Snapchat, so I want to give my opinion on the matter.

First off, why care if Instagram is mimicking Snapchat with its stories feature? In my assessment, it’s simply a smart business move on the part of Instagram. With its growing user base and increased demand among young people, Snapchat has proven that it has the correct formula. Instagram itself is no slouch and currently has over 500 million monthly active users. Consequently, what better way to keep its users on its platform? You guessed right! Give them what they want. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for Instagram to rival Snapchat with similar, attractive features to keep them happy vs allowing them to switch to Snapchat to enjoy its benefits. Now I am not promoting Instagram; I just think it was a brilliant and strategic move by Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook entourage. People like me who didn’t want to manage a whole new profile and build a new following by switching to another platform, Snapchat, to start sharing their stories can now get everything done inside the “gram”.

Instagram stories is also pretty easy to use. Anything you share lasts for 24 hours, and you could delete it before if you wish. To share a story:

  • Click on your Instagram home tab
  • At the top of the page, you will see the stories of others and above that the button to ad new stories

Snap Chat and Instagram

  • Click this and it will take you to your camera where you can take a picture or hold down on the take picture button to make a video. At this point, you can edit your footage by adding text or a drawing of your choice
  • Click on the upload button

Instagram v snapchat

You can also upload videos and photos that you have in your phone’s gallery

  • To select from your gallery, place your finger on the screen then swipe down, and you will get access to your phone’s gallery
  • If you want to see how many people and who saw your story, click on it and with your fingers on the screen swipe up

For those who complained when Instagram introduced its stories feature, I have unfortunate news for you. I believe that Instagram stories is great, and it’s going nowhere. Also, for those of you that are saying that Instagram stories will kill Snapchat, consider reconsidering your position because to date, I have not come across any evidence that adequately substantiates your claim. Feel free to share your thoughts about Instagram’s recent addition with me in the comments section below.



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