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Why Only the Market Gets to Determine if You Will Succeed in Business

Lately, a lot of changes have occurred in the business landscape. One such change I firmly believe may be the best is the use of social media. My opinion is also held by many successful entrepreneurs like social media guru Gary Vaynerchuk, who normally refers to social media as the current state of the internet. However, I am appalled by the number of small businesses owners that are not making use of the opportunities that social media presents. Additionally, I feel compelled to mention that in this current business climate, which is marshalled by useful tools like social media, THE SUCCESS OF ENTREPRENEURS/ARTISTS/CREATORS NO LONGER STRICTLY HINGES ON OTHERS. For instance, if you sing, it isn’t absolutely necessary to use a studio to approve your music or a producer to work with you. Instead, all you need is a smartphone to record yourself singing then upload your product to YouTube or Facebook to start building a community around your music. Also, if you are an aspiring writer, you don’t need the permission of a publisher; instead, you could start a blog and populate it with your pieces.

In this day and age, individuals shouldn’t be given the privilege to dictate the direction you take in your life as an aspiring entrepreneur or personality. Instead, let the market determine whether you succeed or not. Therefore, if you are courageous enough to put yourself, your idea, and eventually your product or service out there, the market will reward you if it up to standard and satisfies the needs and wants of the consumer. One of the best examples of this truth is in the movie industry. The Legend of Tarzan received terrible reviews from critics, but it still went on to be a big winner at the Box Office. Consequently, the trend insinuates that it is possible that the influence of critics may not seriously affect the success of a film; instead, the market will determine its success. Therefore, one should be willing to be proactive, ignore the naysayers, and let the market determine if success is possible.

One morning, I was sitting on my couch watching CP24 Breakfast, and Steve Anthony was interviewing a member of LMFAO; I believe it was RedFoo. He said something that stunned me. He was speaking about how hard it was to reach his fans and to get their music out, especially on Facebook. As a Facebook marketer, I was genuinely appalled by his assertion and potentially misleading statements. Admittedly, it’s true that organic reach on Facebook is down, and the company recently changed its algorithm to show more posts from friends and less from businesses forcing us to pay to play. However, looking at the situation logically, any network with over 1 billion active users should be worth your time, so I still believe it is the best platform to reach your desired audience. You just need to figure out how to maximize its capabilities, and the market will reward you. Also, you should utilize Facebook advertising, even if you feel forced into a situation where you have to pay to reach your community. Consider this scenario, would you prefer to pay a monthly rate of $1,000 for television ads with no guarantee you will reach your target audience or pay Facebook as little as $5 dollars a day to reach your potential customers? Personally speaking, I think I’d prefer to pay for ads on Facebook any day.

Moreover, if you have a dream to start a business, don’t worry what anyone says unless that person is part of the target market you’d want to reach. Instead, give your idea a chance and build a community around your business for free or at worst minimal cost using what may be the best thing to happen to entrepreneurs in the modern era, social media. Again I must emphasize that you shouldn’t be afraid to start. However, please be mindful that the market rewards good but by the same token, it kills the inferior. Therefore, you should never offer substandard products with the hope that marketing would be the solution. However, at least give your idea a chance by starting and properly incorporating social media because based on recent business advances, the market significantly influences success.

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Krewella, Social Media for Musicians & the Business of Music

Today I am sharing episode 215 of the Ask Gary Vee Show, sharing this because I have recently starting working with musician clients and I can relate to everything they’re talking about. I also had to share because this morning while watching news on CP24, Steve Anthony was interviewing LMFAO about their tour in Canada. One statement that stood out to me was when the guys said this “It’s hard to reach our fans, Faceboook doesn’t allow you to anymore”. I was stunned by this statement. I will do another post about this, however in the meantime, I think Gary does justice here.

On this episode Gary have Krewella with him as they tackle questions about:

-How to grow your brand on social
-The importance of knowing your fans
-Staying grounded in a fake world

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Why Destra Garcia Is Dominating Social Media And Music While Staying True To The Caribbean

I spent 5 years in Mexico, and one of my fondest memories was the occasional “Fiesta Caribeña” my friends and I organized. We mainly planned and executed the event to maintain our Caribbean identity and culture as well as to help our Mexican friends experience our different countries through us without actually going there. With that said, it then begs the question, how can the average Caribbean national or even better those in privileged positions like entertainers play their part by painting pictures of the Caribbean to others who are not as privileged to be there? My last two articles on the Huffington Post dealt with the responsibility Caribbean natives have to help control the narrative about our respective countries in the media and how Caribbean soca artists can use social media to build their brands worldwide. Those topics are very important to me, and I also think they go hand in hand since Caribbean artists and well-known personalities can make a significant contribution by promoting themselves while eliminating some of the misconceptions people may have about the Caribbean.

Often times, saying what should or needs to be done is easy but actually following through is most times where the difficulty lies. I firmly believe that action is the only true agent of change, so I thought the best way to strengthen my points was to follow up with an article highlighting someone of reputable standing that is practicing exactly what I outlined in my first two pieces. I thought who better to feature than the Caribbean Queen of Bacchanal herself Destra Garcia. In my opinion, Destra does a great job with social media and have built a raving community around her brand online. She uses her music to give people in different cities around the world a view of Caribbean, especially her home country Trinidad and Tobago, without really being there.

Her latest single, “Luv with the Riddim“, which is a cross between soca and pop, is a classic example of how she is able to infuse a Caribbean flavor into everything she does. While it is easy for me to provide my opinion on why Destra perfectly epitomises what I spoke about in my last two articles, I thought it would better to get the views directly from The Queen of Bacchanal herself. So I spoke with Destra, and I was absolutely blown away. Blown away not only because she is awesome, and I am a fan, but by the fact that she embodies everything I have been speaking about. Caribbean artists, especially those on the rise, should definitely take a page from her book to see that what I have been writing about is indeed possible.

In terms of helping shape and control the image and reputation of Caribbean countries, Destra indicated that whenever she goes to any country to perform, she does not tailor her performances to suit the country. Although she is blessed with the unique ability of versatility with many different musical genres such as reggae and the likes, she is primarily known as a soca artist, as evidenced by her eleven captivating albums. Consequently, when she performs, it’s authentically Caribbean. She brings a colourful display, energy, and plain fun to her performances which are all synonymous with soca and by extension the Caribbean.

In all fairness, a number of other artists carry the Caribbean with them wherever they go and try to help control its image. For instance, I clearly remember when the regrettable death of a tourist occurred in Grenada, Hollice “Mr. Killa” Mapp, one of Grenada’s cultural ambassadors, took to Facebook to address the issue and tried to dispel some of the rumours that were circulating at the time. However, not all Caribbean nationals and entertainers, particularly soca artists, take advantage of social media in that way to help shape their country’s image and build their brands.

Additionally, as a digital marketing strategist, one of the things I enjoyed most about my talk with Destra was how active she is on social media where she has cultivated a huge community around her music. While many popular figures have social media managers, Destra sees things differently. Therefore, to build a level of authenticity, she believes that it is imperative that she does it herself. Just like Gary Vaynerchuk, a social media mogul and chief advocate of its use, she is very engaging with her online community. Every tweet, mention, comment, like, retweet, and reply all come directly from The Queen of Bacchanal herself and not someone acting on her behalf like most people of her caliber do.

I believe that the Caribbean has a lot to offer and not only where music is concerned. For instance, if most Caribbean nationals, regardless the number of followers they have on Instagram or social media on a whole, decided to take matters into their own hands and not let the media houses in the large countries shape people’s perception of the Caribbean, huge changes may result. I also believe that Caribbean soca artists, entrepreneurs, athletes, and others need to use social media to build their brands and communities around their brands. Consequently, social media is certainly the way to go.

At the end of my talk with Destra, I was left with an interesting tidbit however. I asked her to name one thing a lot of people do not know about her, and she responded that many people do not know that she speaks three languages namely English, French, and Spanish. This was rather interesting to me since, I speak the same three languages. Well in all honesty, my French is terrible, but soon it will be as fluent as hers. More importantly, I even thought to myself that with her ability to speak multiple languages she is in a privileged position and has greater potential to share the Caribbean even further with foreign audiences if she so chooses.

I will keep advocating for Caribbean nationals and entertainers to help shape their countries’ brands online, and with renewed vigour after my conversation with Destra, The Queen of Bacchanal, who is a chief proponent of my belief, I will continue to encourage Caribbean people to use social media, the fastest, easiest, and off course the cheapest way, to build their communities around their brands. Why is Destra able to dominate social media and build a thriving community around her brand? It is because she stays true to herself and not afraid to help shape the narrative of the Caribbean wherever she goes.

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Creating a Marketing Strategy for a Caribbean Non-Profit

We had a great time on Beyond the Hustle. Leon share a lot of value bombs with our special guests Sandra and Andre from Still I Rise. A Non profit based in the United Kingdom and benefiting survivors of domestic violence in Grenada. Listen to the show on Creating a Marketing Plan for a Caribbean Non-Profit.

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How Grenadian and Caribbean Soca Artists can use Facebook and Instagram to build their Brands

When I younger, I wanted to become a soca artist. I even started writing songs with my friends, but I quickly realized I didn’t have what it took, so I decided to focus on what I was good at. In the past, soca artists advertised themselves to the public with the help of radio stations, DJs, and promoters, who booked them for shows. Therefore, artists didn’t have much control over their brands; however, because of technological advancements, the script has been flipped. Today’s technology now gives artists a significant say regarding the distribution and exposure of their musical products. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram practically give soca artists, regardless their stature in the industry, a somewhat even playing field. Artists now have the power to control and build their brands while bypassing the “badmind” DJs who often times intentionally neglect to share their music. Consequently, social media platforms are now making it easier for thriving musicians.

Uploading Music Natively vs. Sharing YouTube Links

Facebook is now big on video sharing as evidenced by their push with video ads, 360 videos, and Facebook live. Sometimes, when artists share their music on Facebook, they first upload it via YouTube then share the YouTube link to Facebook. Going forward, however, consider uploading your videos natively to Facebook instead. Facebook is in direct competition with YouTube and unfortunately for soca artists, Facebook’s algorithms punish videos shared with YouTube links. Therefore, you will be rewarded with more reach and views if you upload your videos directly to Facebook. Mind you, you should upload your music to YouTube as well, but just be aware that if you want more reach on Facebook, don’t share the YouTube link.

Share Short Clips on Instagram

Before, videos on Instagram could have only been 15 seconds long. Today, however, you can upload 60 seconds videos. Therefore, don’t be afraid to share a one-minute clip from your video to pique listeners’ interest.

Video Ads

As previously mentioned, video ads are now a major part of Facebook’s product. So do you know that by spending $5US or less it is possible to get thousands of video views on Facebook? Obviously, you would need to know how to setup and run a Facebook video ad, but hey, it’s not difficult. You can visit YouTube for tutorials or contact me, and I will show you how. At the moment, one of my clients is a jazz artist, and we have been using video ads to promote her music and concerts, and the results have been phenomenal. Consequently, I advise soca artists to start taking advantage of this opportunity as well. Instagram ads are now becoming a big deal too, so you should definitely give it a shot also. Just imagine it’s the carnival season, and you are a new artist with a “wicked tune”. However, only the established names are getting radio time. Instead of accepting the status quo, here is a simple solution. You could circumvent the system by spending just $5US to promote your music even if you don’t have an actual music video, which isn’t totally necessary. Many persons, including myself, often listen to music on YouTube or Facebook with just a still picture. Therefore, with such a small but effective investment, you have little reason to sit and wait for radio play when you have the tools to get your music out to a much wider audience than the radio can offer.

Consistency and Building a Community

Shows like Power or Game of Thrones are successful in part because they don’t ignore social media. Even after each season’s finale, they are still active on Facebook and Instagram reminding you of the just concluded episodes and in preparation for the new. With that said, soca artists should pattern their social media habits after those successful franchises instead of using a cyclical approach. From observation, many artists are very active on social media during the carnival season; however, after the festivities are over, they make a huge mistake by going silent. Therefore, they should consider year-round promotions on social media to garner as many supporters, sales, and job opportunities as possible. Also, many soca artists mismanage Facebook and Instagram. Instead of using the platforms as a vital business tool and as a means of building a community around their music, they unfortunately, use them to spread their unfounded information, divisive topics and display unsavory conduct, which may alienate supporters and potential patrons. Consequently, artists should refrain from the negatives and strive to build a community around their music. And if they need help building, their music community, it is advised that they speak to a Facebook or Instagram strategist.

Facebook Live

In keeping with the use of videos, I have realized that some Grenadian promoters now use live streams to increase their business ventures’ reach. Further, as soca artists, you can also live stream your performances through platforms like Facebook Live. Obviously, the actual streaming would have to be done by someone else like a member of your management team or friend of course, but you should consider live streaming your performances, the process of making your music, or practically anything you think will interest your fans to build brand equity. Right now Facebook’s algorithms are very favorable towards live videos so don’t pass up on this opportunity.

Provide Value

Pardon my tone but please stop posting nonsense on social media. Remember that most patrons tie your contributions to your products. Therefore, if you are deemed to be a constant poster of valueless material, it is possible you would tune out your intended audience when it matters. Therefore, please ensure that your posts are entertaining, educational, positive, or provide some kind of significance to your fans. Like I stated above, be consistent while providing value.

Admittedly, many more strategies for brand building can be done; however, these are some of the basic approaches that every Grenadian soca artist and those throughout the Caribbean should take if they intend to make a mark in a potentially lucrative business. At #IamGrenadian, we have shared the stories of many Grenadian soca artists, and as a digital marketing strategist, I felt it was my obligation to write this article to hopefully help others. Also, these methods go beyond soca music; they can be effective for any genre. Therefore, since you now have the power to build your brand using these platforms, just ensure that you use them properly or seek the services of a social media strategist if necessary. Also, for those who may object to getting help because you have a Facebook page and Instagram profile consider this. Having a car doesn’t make you a mechanic, so having access to the necessary social media platforms doesn’t make you a Facebook or Instagram marketer. Consequently, if you are trained in social media marketing, perfect, if not, then get up to speed or work with someone.

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Social Media The Beyond the hustle show

Best Practices for Social Media- Beyond The Hustle

On this episode of Beyond The Hustle, we spoke about some of the best practices for Social Media and gave practical advice of what small and medium size businesses need to be doing now to step up their social media game.

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Growing a Business with Social Media, Ideas vs Execution, and When I Started Hustling

Beyond the Hustle

These are some of the questions I am frequently asked while conducting my show Beyond the Hustle for Caribbean and Aspiring Entrepreneurs. Subscribe to the show here 

How do you use Social Media to Grow a Business?

My answer stems from what I learned while working as a digital marketing strategist as well as something Gary Vee said to Larry King.

Respect Social Media– Firstly, you need to understand that social media is real, and it should be respected. Do not be like the strict radio listeners that didn’t respect the television when it first came onto the scene. Know that attention is one of the major currencies used in marketing, and in this day and age, the internet owns everyone’s attention so respect social media.

Respect the Context of Each Platform– When you attend church, your conversations are generally way different than those you hold with your friends at dinner. Similarly, social media platforms differ in context, effectiveness, applications, and use. Therefore, understand that Facebook is different from twitter and Instagram. So avoid automatically sharing replica posts to multiple platforms ASAP. Instead, present the same message in ways that best suits the context of what works best on that platform.

Provide Value– I recently had a client that hired me to run some Facebook ads, but the individual managed the business’ page. However, the person’s management approach was flawed since the individual was practically only posting content to get people to buy the product. Therefore, don’t be like this person. Instead, provide value to your community through simple, effective initiatives like free giveaways, useful tips, advice, etc. Once you have given enough value, you will earn the right to ask people to buy.

Which is More Important, Ideas or Execution? 

You may have hundreds of ideas in one week, but for success, they cannot stand alone since action is the only true agent of change. Consequently, without proper execution, your ideas are practically worthless, so although coming across workable ideas is an important step, execution is more essential.

How did you Get Interested in Business and Hustling?

When I was in younger, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in my village was a gentleman by the name of Oscar “Chest” Andall. At times, I hung out at his sports store looking at the products. More often than not, I didn’t buy anything, but he didn’t mind and would allow me to hang around. On one occasion, he had some beach balls he was selling for $5. He asked me to get some of the balls pumped for him because he didn’t have a pump at the time. I agreed. I filled a net with about 10 or 15 balls and carried them to a nearby location to fill them with air. After inflating the beach balls, someone saw them and asked me the price. I replied $5 then proceeded to ask if buying a ball would be of interest. Surprisingly, my sales pitch was on point because I was able to sell one of the balls on the spot. I felt good about the sale, and I decided to challenge myself to sell them all in 10 minutes, the time it took to walk back to the store. My prowess as a salesman was impeccable because when I returned, all I had were the empty net and the money from the sale of the balls. Chest was elated, and immediately hired me as a balls salesman. At one point, I was selling so many, and the market was so good that Chest increased his orders and even hired a number of my friends to help with the demand.

My friends and I sold balls every summer vacation period for many years. Admittedly, when I got to high school, I was showing more serious interest in girls, so my pride got the best of me, and I discontinued selling for Chest. However, years after stopping, some the younger guys in the village continued the venture. Upon reflection, my entrepreneurial spirit was alive even before my summer job. When I  attended primary school, I sold empty envelopes to my classmates. Quite frankly, to this day, I have no idea why they bought the envelopes since they had no use for them. However, one day my envelope hustle was stopped dead in its tracks because my supplier, a classmate, refused to restock my supply when I ran out. I didn’t make that situation deter me; instead, I moved on to another venture.  One of my friend’s brothers was an artist. He would occasionally bring his brother’s art at school, and I noticed how students, including myself, were captivated by his creations. He couldn’t give away the artwork nor sell them because they weren’t his. So one day I took a blank sheet of paper, placed it over a drawing, and traced it. After duplicating the image, I returned the original to my friend, made several copies with the copied version, and sold them to my classmates and anyone in the school who was interested. Further, at one point, I even made tamarind balls and sold them during break time. From those experiences, my hustling and business flames were ignited and continue to burn brightly to this day.

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This is How You Fail When Marketing in 2016

Planning long-term online strategies is no longer a valid business move. I know my statement is potentially shocking, but before grabbing your pitchforks and attempting to burn me at the stake, let me explain. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe you should have long-term objectives. For instance, my long-term goal is to build the biggest digital marketing agency in the Caribbean, but I am willing to make necessary changes along the way to see my dream come to fruition. With that said, recent trends indicate that social media and online platforms are changing every 18 to 24 months, so with the constantly evolving digital world, developing and sticking to a long-term strategy is becoming increasingly difficult.

What was important yesterday may not even be valid today. What may be effective today, may obsolete tomorrow. Therefore, although businesses should stick to their long-term objectives, they should not commit themselves to one method of getting there. For instance, in the past, focusing on print media advertising to help build your business was a great marketing strategy; however, radio came along and all that changed. Afterward, television followed and entrepreneurs started using that medium to advertise. Consequently, if persons strictly stuck to marketing using print or radio while intentionally neglecting television in the process, they would have gotten left behind. Presently, the marketing evolution is arguably more drastic since the transition to the constantly changing social media and online world.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs are refusing to make the switch to social media advertising. They are confident that their television and radio advertisements are working for them, and they think that social media is for kids. In my opinion, their assessment may be a big mistake. Many businesses will be left behind or leave thousands of dollars on the table because they refuse to embrace the new ways of marketing. Further, if you are not using social media marketing strategies in your business, you have not entered the new marketing era. I learned that principle from the world boss himself, Gary Vaynerchuk. He indicates that he is able to stay ahead of the game and win at business because he markets based on the year he is living in. Thus, he does not market like its 1990 when it’s 2016; because in 2016, it’s all about social and online media.

Important to note however, is that you do not have to be on every platform. You just need to figure out what platforms your audience use and reach them there. Therefore, if they are on Instagram, get access to an account. If it’s Facebook start using it too. If they are on snapchat, guess what, get on snapchat.

As previously mentioned, you should focus on long-term goals; however, do not commit to a dated vehicle to take you there. Concentrating on one method that is or may become obsolete along the way could lead to your business’ downfall. Take for instance, running ads on television. You have no guarantee that your ads will get to the people you are trying to reach. Even if it is on their television screens , and if they are like me, you cannot control their urge to use the restroom or switch channels as soon as the commercials come on. Facebook ads on the other hand are different. You can reach the exact persons you intend to attract, where they are, and when they are paying attention for a fraction of the cost of running a TV ad. So why won’t you update your strategies to include Facebook ads and other forms of social media? Admittedly, if you want to get left behind in business and marketing and leave thousands of dollars on the table, commit yourself to the marketing strategies of the past and ignore the current marketing tendencies.

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10 Free Tools for Creating Amazing Visual Content for Facebook

Lately, I have been combing through the Facebook pages of many Caribbean entrepreneurs and small businesses. From my observation, one of the things that stand out among most of them is the poor quality or visually unappealing content. Honestly, my conscience couldn’t allow me to just let their situations be, so I directly messaged a few of them, and those that answered basically blamed their inability to use Photoshop or poor designing skills in general for the unattractive displays. Personally, I thought their excuses didn’t carry much weight, and for this reason, I decided to put together this blog post especially for entrepreneurs and small businesses struggling with creating visual content

Mobile Apps

First, I will a look at some mobile apps that can be used to create amazing content for free

  • Wordswag– Personally, Wordswag is one of my go to apps for creating visual content. Unfortunately, it is not on android but only on IOS. The app allows you to add text to images, and in the event that you don’t have pictures on your phone, it is connected with Pixabay, which provides hundreds of free images.
  • Instaquote– Yes I know; you see insta and you instantly think Instagram not Facebook. However, Facebook owns Instagram, so the graphics created with this app is completely compatible on Facebook. Fortunately, Instaquote also works on both Android and IOS, so feel free to exploit the app by easily adding text to images then uploading them to Facebook or Instagram.
  • Diptic– I first saw Kim Garst using this app. I then used it myself and was blown away by it. Diptic is on both Android and IOS, but the IOS version has more functionalities. This app allows you to create some of the most amazing photo collages. And get this, the IOS version can be used to create animated photo collages. Dope, isn’t it? I know I said free earlier, but diptic has a small cost to it. But take it from me, its low price is absolutely worth it.
  • Legend– You can find Legend in any app store. It is used for creating short videos. Not just any videos however, but quote videos, or at least that’s how I use it. Using the app is simple. First, select an image if you so desire then write your quote, and indicate how you’d want to animate it, and bammm, you have a piece of visually appealing content to share on Facebook.
  • Brandr– I recently started using Brandr to create content and I must say I am pleased thus far. It can be used on IOS and Android, but it has more functionality on IOS. Unfortunately, these app developers are really biased and have no love for us Android users. Don’t pay me no mind guys; I am just joking because honestly the app developers are awesome. Check Brandr and I’d love to hear your feedback on it.

This is a visual created with Brandr


Today anyone with a smart phone is a media company and can make or break a brand. The power of social media and the smart phone

Posted by SocialEyez Media on Saturday, March 5, 2016

Website/ Desktop Application

  •– Almost anyone you ask about creating free visually appealing content for Facebook will recommend Canva. It’s an amateur graphic designer’s best friend. Create any kind of visual content there then upload to Facebook. You should check it out; it’s just amazing.
  •– Now this right here is my new best friend, and it should be yours too. Designfeed allows you to create visually attractive content that is already optimized to the right size for all the social platforms, not just Facebook. Apart from its advanced optimization benefits, it finds photos for you to use with your creation. Honestly, I have been using this application like crazy over the past few days. Shout out to Donna Moritz from Socially Sorted for the recommendation.

This post was created using


You can’t use up creativity, the more you use, the more you have. Maya Angelou is indeed a wise one

Posted by SocialEyez Media on Sunday, March 6, 2016


  •– Are you an infographic person? Well if you are or want to be, start using The site allows you to create some awesome infographics for free. Check it out and prepare to be blown away.


  •– Presently, I don’t use quotescover as frequently as before. However, it is a powerful website if you want to create visually appealing images with quotes. Give it a try and you’ll see what I’m talking about.
  •– Okay so you can’t create anything on Pixabay, but guess what you can do. You can get free images and short videos to use to create your visually pleasing content with one of the aforementioned apps or websites above. Personally, it’s my go to source when I do not want to purchase images, which is kind of all the time.

Special Shout out

A special mention must be made to Rhonna designs, the Photoshop app, skitch, meme generator and Piktochart. Trust me, with all the free, easy to use tools you now know that are available, you have no reason to create and share crappy visuals on Facebook. Now get your creative juices flowing and feel free to share some of your designs with me on my Facebook page at

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Facebook Makes Moves to Dominate the Internet

Over the past couple days, Facebook has been making some major changes to its platform to add more functionality and help its users enjoy a better experience. I recently spoke about one of the improvements, the ability for page administrators to directly message fans that comment on their posts. See post here

Moreover, Facebook recently made a move that I believe is an attempt to dominate the internet and keep users on their platform for much longer. They announced that they are going to open up “Instant Articles” which is a product for publishers to create fast, interactive articles on Facebook for everyone. Previously, “Instant Articles” were only available for large media companies and content creators; however, with the impending change, every content creator with a blog will now have access. The upgrade will be launched on April 12th 2016.

Generally, when you post an article from your blog on Facebook, persons are taken directly to your blog when they click your post. Sometimes, especially on mobile, because you are redirected, the article takes a long time to load. Consequently, “Instant Articles” aim to fix that problem. When the upgrade is in effect, the articles will open inside Facebook, so no one will be taken to your blog. Unfortunately, the demerit to the convenience is that traffic to individuals’ blogs will be affected, but articles will load much faster than if they were directed elsewhere.

Many people believe the change could also affect your ability to monetize your content and blog; however, according to Facebook, publishers have the ability to bring their own direct-sold ads, keep 100% of the revenue, and track data on the ads served through their existing ad measurement systems, or they could monetize their content through the Facebook Audience Network. Note that Facebook keeps 30% of the revenue when you use their audience network. Admittedly, many people may say that you are giving up control to Facebook; however, looking at the glass half full, if you accept their terms, you’ll have access to Facebook’s 1.6 billion users. From there, you can select which content people see using Social Media Examiner and also insert Google analytics to track everything.

Not only is Facebook launching “Instant Articles”, they just released “Reactions”. Now apart from “Liking” a post, users can now “Love”, “HaHa”, “Wow”, “Sad”, and “Angry” a post. To select, simply hover over the “Like” button and the new reactions will appear. The decision to offer reactions began just over a year ago. Much research and many studies went into deciding what reactions to offer users. The tests were initially done on a small, selected audience before it was officially rolled out to everyone.

“Reactions” is also on IOS and android mobile devices, and I believe it is a good move for the company and its users. Facebook is also launching “Canvas”, a full screen ad experience built for bringing brands and products to life on mobile. More information about “Canvas” will be out soon. Honestly, I am super excited to see what other improvements Facebook has in store for us, its users. What do you think about some of these changes, and how do you plan to use them to enhance your brand on Facebook?


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