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Elements of a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Today on Beyond the Hustle we will take a look at some of the elements of a proper Social Media Marketing Strategy


We had some issues with the show tonight, the Blab platform was acting up, however this didn’t stop us. The show ended prematurely, however we were able to start a new broadcast immediately, here is the replay.



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Facebook Social Media The Beyond the hustle show

Top 5 Mistakes Small Businesses are Making on Facebook

In this episode of Beyond the Hustle, I am going to take a look at the top 5 mistakes small businesses are making o Facebook and show you how to do better.


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Get Brand Exposure and Build Credibility with a Twitter Chat

Social media platforms, particularly Twitter has been growing exponentially over the past months. Consequently, Twitter’s growth can provide entrepreneurs with a plethora of business advantages once used properly. Business owners can creatively utilize its services to grow their brand online by hosting twitter chat for free. A twitter chat is a live event where people attach a hashtag to their tweets to discuss a particular topic. The host of the chat poses questions using the hashtag, and a guest will then tweet out answers using the same hashtag. The people you invite to be part of the twitter chat can search for the discussion with the hashtag you selected and join the discussion by asking their own questions or answering previously asked questions.

Problems that may be faced when hosting a twitter chat are remembering to include the hashtag in every post and seeing all the posts with a particular hashtag in one place. Therefore, for those reasons, it is wise to use certain tools for assistance. To resolve some of the named issues tools such as Twub and Tchats, which automatically add your hashtag to every tweet so you do not have to remember, Tweetdeck, and Hootfeed from Hootsuite can be utilized. For the most effective usage, check each one out to determine which is best and easiest for you.

To fully maximize the marketing potential and increase brand awareness using twitter chats, you need to select a hashtag that is memorable, short, and unique. Twitter has a 140 character limit so ensure that the hashtag is not very long. Therefore, both you as the host and your guests need to be prepared for the level of interaction that will take place. Ensure that your guest is someone knowledgeable in a particular topic and able to provide enlightening but concise answers to different questions. To make the process more efficient, send your guests a list of possible questions that may be asked, allowing them the time to prepare short answers advance. Another area that should not be overlooked is the speed with which responses are generated. Consequently, both you and your guest need to be able to type quickly as a lot of questions can possibly come in based on the interest in a particular topic and the number of people on the chat.

On a twitter chat, whenever you respond to a particular question from a participant, you should start your response by mentioning the person’s name so everyone can see exactly who you are responding to. For instance, if you were direct a reply to me, you should start with @kimroncorion then continue with the intended message. Once you have planned your twitter chat, spread the word. Broadcast it via all your social media channels, share with people on your email list, ask your guests to share it with their communities and their followers, and ask their followers to share with their friends that may have an interest in the topic you will be discussing.

Once your twitter chat is finished, make a summary of all the questions that were posed and all the responses that were given then share them with your community so people can see everything. You can also add other information you find useful based in the questions asked. You should not make your twitter chat a one-time occurrence unless it is for a one-off event when continuity would not be necessary. Thus, select a time, whether weekly, biweekly, or monthly but make it continuous once the situation warrants such an approach.



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Your Basic Guide to Facebook Advertising

Without a doubt, the best platform to reach potential and current customers and build your business is Facebook. Unfortunately, on a daily basis, I see so many entrepreneurs wasting their time and money doing Facebook advertising the wrong way. As time goes by, Facebook advertising is becoming more and more complicated since the ads manager and powereditor change frequently. Also, a huge number of entrepreneurs are not making use of Facebook advertising, therefore limiting their businesses’ potential for growth. Hence, in this article, I will take a look at some basic strategies to get you started with an ad to generate leads and customers

  • Targeting– From the ads I ran in the past, I realized that targeting is one of the most important factors that determines their eventual success or possible failure. Your ads can target likely or present clients based on their interests as well as specific Facebook pages. To determine where to focus your attention, conduct research to find the Facebook pages where your potential customers hang out and target those pages with your ads. These are the two most basic and efficient ways for ads targeting.


  • Use a Lead Magnet– If you really want to get warm leads that can potentially turn to customers, you need to give away something of value, which is known as a lead magnet. Lead magnets can take the form of how to guides, tool lists, ebooks, and training videos. Generally, humans have an innate longing for things that are free; therefore, people will willingly give you their email addresses in exchange for your free giveaways. Consequently, once these people are on your email list, you can share valuable content and possibly sell your products and services to them.


  • Create a Landing Page– Creating a high converting landing page is an effective way to collect leads. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be a programmer to create a landing page. You can use a service like or even optimizepress 2.0 to build your landing page. Thus, once individuals click on your ad, they will be taken to your landing page where they can be added to your email list

The video below will take a more in-depth into Facebook advertising and how to get started with Facebook ads.



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10 Inspiring Quotes From Social Media’s Finest

As I immerse myself in social media on daily basis, there are a number of power influencers in the social media arena that I constantly go to for information. These people provide invaluable insight in areas such as content creation and curation, social advertising, and blogging. Admittedly, they have been instrumental in my rise through the social media ranks, so I would like them to assist you also. Consequently, I have decided to formulate a list of inspiring quotes from some successful people that I am certain will motivate others like myself as we journey through the world of social media together .

Mari Smith- “We must develop a thick skin. With an unshakeable sense of self – and a commitment to being compassionate – nothing will faze you.”

Kim Garst- “Brands no longer own their message. They can try to control it, but they do not own it. Today, consumers own the message. What they say about a brand carries more weight than what the brand says about itself.”

Jay Baer- “Social media creates kinship between companies and customers, and kinship equals purchase intent.”

Gary Vaynerchuk- “Great marketing is all about telling your story in such a way that it compels people to buy what you are selling.”

Guy Kawasaki- “The biggest daily challenge of social media is finding enough content to share. We call this “feeding the Content Monster.” There are two ways to do this: content creation and content curation.”

Charles Leadbeater- “You are what you share”

Seth Godin- “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”

Michael Stelzner- “Marketing is the process of persuading others that what you have is what they’ve always wanted.”

David Meerman Scott- “Think like a publisher, not a marketer”

Mark Zuckerberg– “People influence people. Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message. A trusted referral is the Holy Grail of advertising.”


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Traditional Advertising vs Facebook Advertising

Consider the following scenarios. Imagine you have two options to market and promote your business. The first option costs $4000 and requires you to sign a contract with a radio or TV station or a local newspaper that will the run your ad three times a week. Accompanying the deal is the nervous wait to see if your investment will pay dividends. You have to hope that they are able to reach the audience you intend to target, trust that people do not change the station or channel during advertisements, and to make matters worse, if you want to make changes or add additional content, you have to pay more. All in all, this arrangement provides no guarantees and can be an uneasy period.

In the second scenario, you run ads on Facebook, spending as little as 1 dollar a day to as much as you can afford. You also have the added benefit of targeting the specific audience you want to reach. For instance, if you own a pizzeria, you can direct your ads to only pizza lovers.  You can run ads to anyone on an email list, people who are similar to those on our email list, or even the persons who visited your website. Also, if you are selling a product online, you can retarget people who visited your checkout page and did not buy. Additionally, you have control over when your ads run, and you have the liberty to make changes whenever you want at no additional cost.

Personally, I am all for spending money on advertising and promotion; however, I believe that such an investment should be done smartly. While traditional advertising like radio, TV, and print media have their pros, social media platforms like Facebook is making it much easier for entrepreneurs, especially start-up and small businesses to advertise and reach their target audience at minimal costs.

Therefore, which of the following options would you prefer? Which one would you choose? For me, I do not have a huge marketing budget like some of the massive companies, so I will go where I get the most bang for my buck. That is why I prefer to use Facebook advertising. Using Facebook allows me to generate targeted leads, customers, and get maximum brand exposure. Small businesses could potentially double, triple, or even see their companies grow as much as tenfold without spending a fortune using Facebook ads.

Now it is your turn to choose so choose wisely.

In the meantime, I have a FREE gift for you. if you use Facebook for business, you need to download this Free E-book by Kim Garst that shows you 27 Killer Facebook Post Ideas for your business.

Click Here to Download

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How To Brand Yourself Online

The internet has provided different opportunities and ways for individuals to brand themselves. The following infographic highlight some of the ways you can do this.

Personal Branding Online

Branding Yourself Online


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Avoid this Facebook Fanpage Mistake

The first thing everyone does when creating a Fanpage for their business is invite all their friends to like the page. Whether their friends are interested in their business or not. This is one of the biggest mistakes that are made, while it will build your Fanpage and increase your likes, it will do nothing for your business. At the end of the day, it is customers and sales that grow your business not friends and likes. You need to ensure that the people on your page are either customers or prospects, or people interested in what you have to offer. In this way, when you create valuable and engaging content, these people will interact with your content and build a relationship with you which will make it easier when you want to sell them something. In order to get targeted likes on your Facebook Fanpage, it is best to use a Facebook Like Ad, when targeted properly, you can build your fanpage with people that are interested in your business at a very low cost and these are the people that will engage with your content, build relationship with them and can eventually sell your products or service to them.

Check the video below to hear more about this mistake

[fbvideo link=”” width=”500″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”1″]

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How to use Social Media to Build Your Caribbean Brand

Many great brands and even small businesses have been experiencing a lot of success with Social Media over the last couple years. Businesses in North American and Europe have all taken to Social Media to amplify their brands’ presence. These companies have all been experiencing different levels of success with Social Media. There are even ordinary people who have been able to build a brand for themselves and a community around themselves using Social Media. Caribbean Brands have been using social media for the same purposes as well, however there are many brands in the Caribbean that are still resistant to change and resistant to the idea that social media can be the vehicle to take their business to the next level.


Why Caribbean Brands Need Social Media
There are many reasons why Caribbean Brands should be using Social Media, some of these includes;
1. Increase Exposure – Businesses, especially small businesses can get more exposure on social media for little or no cost to them. People spend one hour on average on Facebook alone, and more time on other platforms. You need to be where your audience is.
2. Grow your business – There are three ways to grow a business, you can increase the amount of clients, increase the average amount of transaction per client or increase the average transaction value per client. Social Media is ideal for this because you can achieve all three business growth strategies there.
3. Connect with your clients on a personal level – Social Media allow you to connect one on one with your clients, you can speak to them and they will respond. Also social media allows you to offer customer service to your clients, it’s always amazing when I have a problem with a company and I can tweet them and someone from their customer service team reaches out to me.

How to Implement Social Media in your Business
Implementing Social Media in your business as part of your marketing strategies or business growth strategies is easier that most people would think
1. Conduct A Social Media Audit – The first thing that a business need to do is conduct a Social Media Audit
• Find all your Social Media Profiles and document them, ensure you know
-Why you’re using this profile
-Why you want to use it
-Your main goals for using it

-Whether your Target market is using it

• Check the details of all profiles and fine-tune them, ensure consistency across all platforms with the message being sent and images

Amplify Your Business Online

Go from unknown to well-known online with the proper strategies. Get your free audit done and learn the strategies needed to do so

Click Here to get your Free Audit


2. Create a Social Media Policy – A policy will mandate how Social Media will be used in the business. What will be your voice on Social Media, who is allowed to post on behalf of the company, how the company will respond to critics, what type of contents will be posted. Also what employees should be allowed to post since they are a reflection of the brand even on their personal profiles

3. Objectives – You need to decide what your objective is for using Social Media, whether it is brand awareness, brand engagement, to sell a product, launch products among others. Objectives must be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely (SMART).

4. Create a Social Media Strategy– Your Social Media strategy should include the following:
• Tools that will be used to manage your social media
• How you will be using Earned, Owned and Paid Media
• Your Content Calendar
• Your Editorial Calendar
• Your Tactical Plan

5. Create a content plan– Many businesses today are having tremendous success from operating like a media company. Creating and curating valuable, informative and entertaining content for your community is a sure way to gain credibility with them. Share useful information with your community and build your influence among them.

These are some quick steps to implement social media in your business as a Caribbean Brand, every Caribbean Business, large or small should be taking advantages of Social Media to help them grow their business. In many cases if they are unable to implement it themselves, they can seek out the services of a Social Media Consultant and amplify their brand presence online. Some Caribbean brands are doing a good job of this right now while there are other up and coming Brands using social media to build their brand online such as Greenz Elite which is a Grenadian reality game show where five contestants go through elimination challenges to come up with a winner. They began with a promotional campaign by spray painting their logo and the words “The revolution will be televised” on abandoned buildings along a main travel area to intrigue potential audiences earning a spot on their local news. Using this as a springboard they opened their Facebook page, (, twitter and Instagram. The social media is being used to share production updates, create hype and connect with their audience while “feeling” out the reception of the concept’s pilot from pre-production and its evolving direction during production.

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How To Create A Call To Action On Your Facebook Cover Photo

I have been having my doubts lately about how effective Facebook is for small businesses. I sometimes wonder why people would force to build a huge following on a Facebook Business page and get to reach only 2 to 3% of them. But still according to, Facebook is still the second most trafficked site on the internet. Which means every small business should be using Facebook since that’s where everyone is, however we all need to think strategically about how to do it to make it work. One of the best and most effective ways is to use Facebook advertising which I will explain in a subsequent post. Facebook however has recently introduced a “Call to Actions” button on their Cover Photo. How amazing is that, someone can click on your Facebook cover photo and take whatever action you want them to take. Whether it is to download a file, sign up for a newsletter, visit a website, send traffic to sales page, watch a video, visit an app and I am sure they will be adding more call to actions soon.

The following is a walk-through of how to do this, start by clicking Create call to action on the cover photo

Facebook Call to Action

Facebook Call to action

You will then see a drop down menu where you can select an action, choose one


Facebook Call to action


These are the different options available for now

Facebook Call to action

Facebook Call to action

After you select your option whether shop now or another, enter your website or landing page

Facebook Call to action

Facebook call to action


Next step is to choose whether you want to send people to an app or otherwise, this options is available for android and iOS devices.

Facebook call to action

Facebook call to action


Finally you select create and you’re good to go. Your cover page is one of your most important piece of real estate on Facebook and if you use it wisely, it could make the difference between success or not.



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