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Understanding Customer Behaviour in the Digital Age

Understanding Customer Behavior in the Digital Age

I wrote a post recently about the five domains of digital transformation, with customer behaviour being one of the five domains of strategy that is changing because of digital technology. In this post, which you can read, I spoke about how digital technology is changing how we connect and create value for customers. Traditionally customers were seen as mass markets; we made one communication message and sent it out to a broad cross-section of people. There was no level of differentiation; however, in the digital era, we are moving away from mass marketing to customer networks.

The Customer Is The Network

Today, the customer is not just the individual we are targeting. The customer is the network these individuals are a part of, which is vital to understand when targeting users online. Customers are dynamically connected, and their interactions change and influence each other’s relationships with businesses and brands. That interaction between customers has the potential to transform brands and business reputations forever. Customer networks shape how customers react to your marketing funnels at each stage of the Marketing Funnel.  This applies to customers of a product or service and areas such as Politics. The voter is not just the individual. The voter is the network of interactions that influences people about how to vote. So, the voter is the network.

After extensive research, Professor David Rogers from Columbia University and the Digital Transformation Playbook author found five fundamental behaviours of customer network in our digital lives. The first is that customer networks aspire to access their information and data more efficiently, flexibly, and straightforwardly. Anything that makes accessing my information easier will always be more attractive to me. Think about the smartphones that gave access to things like emails much easier back in the day. The second of these behaviours is that customer networks seek to engage with content relevant to their lives. Whether educational content, entertaining content etc. Customers are always looking to engage with content.

The third customer behaviour is customer networks look to customize our experience. Above, I mentioned that customers seek relevant content, but they are not all seeking the same content; they are looking for different types of content. That’s why platforms like YouTube have algorithms that will customize your experience and recommend some videos for you that they would not recommend to me.  We should never create one size fits all experiences in the digital age. The fourth behaviour of digital customer networks is the desire to connect with others. We are all social animals; that’s why it is called “SOCIAL” Media. We want to connect, find our tribe, and create communities to share our thoughts, feedback, and ideas on different topics. Are you building an avenue for customers to connect? And for the fifth behaviour, customers want to go beyond just connecting; they want to collaborate. They want to work together with others towards shared goals.

I will break down each digital customer behaviour a little more to better understand each one and how we can apply it in our business.


Like I said above, the first customer behaviour is the desire for access, and when we look at access as a strategy, we need to look at how we can be faster, be simpler, be everywhere and always on for our customers. Customers are always connected, always-on, and access to information should behave the same way. We need to start looking at how we can create an “On Demand” model for our business. I remember when I began hosting my Social Media Marketing Masterclass, I did it in person. Therefore, people were only able to get access to the class whenever I was physically teaching it. I realize people wanted access to this masterclass on their own time, on their terms and whenever they wanted. Therefore, I decided to digitize my masterclass. Now customers can access this class anytime, anywhere, and however, they want. I know I had to rethink the experience for customers with this new desire and implement this access strategy, making my course accessible to customers on their terms.


The second customer behaviour, as mentioned above, is the desire of customers to engage with relevant content. Therefore, the strategy here is how you can become a source of relevant content for your customers. We are no longer in the days when you can only consume content on a TV, for example, if you had a favourite show and it showed on Monday nights at 8 pm, you had to be there at that time to watch it if you missed it then it was gone, there was no Netflix, no YouTube etc. This was the golden age of appointment viewing.

Today, customers do not have this problem. Today we can consume content on-demand when we want; we have Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Spotify, this blog, and a host of different ways that customers can consume content. That, while it’s a good thing, creates another problem though, it means customers’ attention is now fragmented and divided, so it becomes more challenging to reach them and engage them with advertising. It isn’t easy to put your ads in front of a piece of content and know they will have to consume it if they want to consume that content. We can skip ads on YouTube, and when I watch a show on Amazon Prime or Netflix, there are no ads.

I am not saying advertising is dead because it isn’t, but now, in addition to doing some advertising, customers need to think like a media company. How will you create content that people want to watch, listen to, read, and share with others? This all centers around storytelling; how can you tell your story in a very engaging way? Remember, your content doesn’t have to appeal to everyone; it can appeal to a narrow niche audience. Just be relevant to that audience.


The subsequent digital customer behaviour is the desire to customize the experience for the user. How can businesses create experiences tailored to their customers and the easiest way to do this is to customize media. Platforms like YouTube and Netflix do this, where you go there to watch a video and end up watching videos recommended to them by the platform. However, they are not recommending the same thing to everyone; those recommendations are very customized. Even online shopping on a platform like Amazon, I recently went looking for a camera and bought a tripod, vlogging kit etc., all because they were recommended to me based on what I was purchasing.


The next customer behaviour of digital customers is a desire to connect with each other. Customers are using a host of different tools today to connect. The strategy for businesses is to become a part of the digital conversations that customers are having. They need to add to and gain value from that conversation and connections that are happening. Businesses need to use social media platforms to engage with their customers. The focus needs to be on the platform their customers are on, not just joining social media platforms just for the heck of it. There is no one way to use social media to build and maintain a relationship with your customers; it will depend on their goals. Businesses can also develop their communities to solicit feedback from customers or have customers interact with each other.


The final behaviour is customers’ desire to collaborate, and the question is for businesses is how you tap into that behaviour to help build your business. Think about Wikipedia, where anyone can start or edit an article there. So how can we allow customers to contribute to developing our businesses and build something of value? Some companies have open-source software’s that anyone can contribute and add value to. Even the IOS and Android ecosystem does this where they allow users to create apps for their customers. The Appstore makes these platforms valuable.

Which of these five strategies are you using in your business to engage the digital customer?


I recently launched my complete social media masterclass. People can learn everything about social media, from content creation to running ads. You can find more about the social media masterclass here-  Social Media Masterclass

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Everything Caribbean Entrepreneurs Need To Know About Creating A Social Media Strategy

Strategic Social media with kimron corion

On Friday 16th of November, I did a Bootcamp on Strategic Social Media Marketing which was hosted by the Young Americas Business Trust. I touched on the different elements of a social media strategy focusing on things such as setting social media goals and choosing a target audience. I broke down content and storytelling if you missed it, you can find the replay below.

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Three Reasons Why We Need To Protect Our Local Events In Grenada.

One of my fondest memories growing up was attending the Rainbow City Festival in Grenville. My boys and I would walk around Grenville and stop by all the DJ’s on the street to “shake a leg”.  If we were lucky we would get a “jam” from a girl, and we’d keep it moving.  My favorite spot was behind Sheila George place in Grenville. I got the most “jam “there and the vibes were always nice.

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Here’s A Model For Anyone Planning On Launching A Social Media Campaign Soon.

One year ago, I completed my master’s degree in Digital Media. As part of my research, I created a model that organizations can use when crafting a social media campaign.

The model rest on five pillars, these are the Campaign Architecture, Narratives, Platforms and Delivery, Third Party Resources and Media Awareness. Below is a representation of the model.

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As an Entrepreneur If You Are Doing the Following, You Are Doing a Great Job On Social Media

Great Job On Social Media

I have been consulting a lot with clients lately about their social media strategies and something over the past few weeks; something stood out to me. Lots of entrepreneurs do not understand some of the fundamentals of using Social Media for business. I never thought that I would find myself trying to convince a “Marketer” to put out content that has practical value for clients. I didn’t think I would have to say to a digital entrepreneur that you need to have a Facebook page to run ads. I didn’t know that I will have to convince someone who spent the last six years in marketing that developing thought leadership will not negatively affect you. I couldn’t understand how being known as an expert in your field will reflect poorly on you. Nevertheless, these are some of the things I had to deal with, so today I decided to write this post for all the awesome people out there doing social media right.

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How Kenroy George Is Building An All Natural Line Of Skin Care Products In Grenada

kenroy George

Today I chat with my friend and fellow trailblazing entrepreneur Mr. Kenroy George. Kenroy is someone who I met first digitally and then in person once I went back from to Grenada. The first time we met in person, I could feel the passion in his voice and the drive he had as an individual. So it is of no surprise to me when he reached out to me to say he was launching an all natural skin care line in Grenada. Once we began talking about this initiative, I knew I had to get this story out there to show that innovation and entrepreneurship are alive in the Caribbean.

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How Grenadian Kim Thomas Is Making The Shift from Registered Nurse to Toronto’s Event Planner

My name is Kim Thomas. I am Grenadian; I immigrated to Canada 27 years ago to live with my mother. I grew up with my grandmother because my mom had left us with her to come to Canada to work so that we would have a better life. It was a bitter-sweet day when I left Grenada, though excited to see “the big world” as it was commonly referred to, I was very sad to leave my home.

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The Three Important Lessons I have Learned In My Life’s Journey From Grenada To Mexico To Canada

Kimron Corion Life lessons

As I look back on my life, I realized that at each stage I had some unique encounters that when put together with how I was able to come over helped shaped me into the person I am today. Today I want to share with you three of the most important lessons I learned in the last few years.

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Three Reasons Why People Are Sharing Scholar Pum Pum Song And The Vagina Song

If you are Grenadian and have a Facebook account or WhatsApp on your phone, by now, you would have come across one of two songs or both. One a song by King Scholar called Pum Pum with the punch line being “Seethahall, he don’t like pum pum at all.” The second song, by a young soca artist, is called Vagina and the punch line is “Vagina me love, vagina me crave”.

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12 Things Caribbean Men Don’t Hear Often Enough

Yesterday I received news that someone I knew very well died, a young man admired by the community as was seen with the outpouring of support on Facebook. The news shocked me, I saw people sharing messages of love and support, and that got me thinking. There are some things our Caribbean men don’t hear often enough and while on the train today, I made a list of them and decided to share with you.

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