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From Unhappy Employee To Successful Entrepreneur in Six Months- Charlyn Asher on #DroppingBars

Charlyn Asher

Five years ago, Charlyn Asher tried to get a promotion at the company she was working at. She was told point blank that she would never get that promotion. After realizing she was killing herself for a company that doesn’t hold her in high esteem, she knew she had to get out of there. She quit her job and decided to become an entrepreneur. She purchased the company Colt Paper from the Colt family, and today, five years later, she is running two successful enterprises, Colt Paper and Antoine Fulfillment.

During the early days of her business, the same people that refused to promote her and others in the industry told her she wouldn’t last more than a year. However, she is still here five years later as the only black female CEO in her industry in North America, and she is here with us today to tell her story on the Dropping Bars Show with Kimron Corion.

Take a look at Charlyn’s Interview below with Kimron Corion on #DroppingBars

A native of Grenada, Charlyn is the President of Colt Paper and Antoine Fulfillment, divisions of Asher Industries Inc.

After immigrating to Canada in 1998 at the age of 18, this extraordinary woman became the the epitome of perseverance and commitment for attaining her twenty-three-year history of achievements.

Not only did Charlyn distinguish herself as a successful entrepreneur, but she also became the only black female president in the corrugated and shipping supplies business. This accomplishment was indeed historical in an industry that is male-dominated in Canada. In 2017, Charlyn appeared on the show “Under New Management, ” which aired on CBC. The invitation was for individuals within the greater Toronto area looking to purchase a business. She has also been featured on such notable websites as byblacks, Ron Fanfair, Now Grenada and

In addition to running a highly successful business, Charlyn shares her real-life experiences through inspirational and motivational stories on her website.

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