Grenada and IMF reaches 21.9 Million Dollars deal- My Opinion

Some of you have been asking for my opinion on the IMF 21.9 Million dollar deal with the Government of Grenada.

First of all the deal is subject to the approval of the IMF board. There is no surety whether the deal will come through. However the truth is I can’t give any opinion on the deal because I don’t  the details of the agreement. I know the programme is aimed at restoring fiscal and debt sustainability, boosting long-term growth through structural reforms, and safeguarding the financial sector.

That’s some good stuff, but I don’t know how these things will be done. I don’t know specifically what programmes are in place. I believe that as a people we need to get the facts first before we support or criticize. Since I don’t have any information on the arrangement, haven’t seen the document, I am unable to have an opinion of it. I can’t know whether it’s good, bad or ugly.
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  • Leron Mar 18,2014 at 3:48 pm

    You are absolutely right…we have to wait it out for more detail 🙂

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