How to Make Sure Your Mastermind Group Excels

1.The group must share the same values about business.

2.People must be supportive yet tough when needed.

3.Accountability and “skin in the game” (time commitment, membership dues) trumps socializing and buddy gatherings (e.g. golf outings).

4.The most effective groups have fewer than five members.

5.Groups can be effective for as long as five years, or for a short six month timeframe. It depends on the purpose of the group.

6.It is okay to confront a member who is not pulling their weight, and only uses the group for social benefit.

7.The group must have a written purpose statement and some basic operating guidelines to be effective in the long term.

8.Celebration of key milestones is essential, not just a “nice to have.”

9.Someone has to be the leader. Keeping things organized and on schedule maintain group integrity. When the group feels “stale,” it probably is. Someone needs to monitor groupthink and encourage innovation.

10.Masterminds are not for everyone. If you are running a lifestyle business, dislike honest feedback, and do not believe in the abundance mindset, seek out another venue or hire a therapist.

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  • Laurel Oct 3,2010 at 5:17 am

    I like it, i’m part of this toastmaster club, something like rotary and i think thats jus wat we need, there are some finiancial issues and because of that memebers have been losin interest and the prospective ones are not coming back. Great idea for a speech, those 10 crucial tips can surely help. thank you sweety, u’re a genius!!!

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