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How Kenrick Quashie From St Vincent is Helping to Bring The Caribbean Entrepreneurial Community Together

Kimron Corion

Today I feature the someone who just like me, has a passion for fostering a culture of entrepreneurship in the Caribbean. Kenrick Quashie has been “entrepreneering” since he completed his university education and today he talks to me about his journey starting Global DOmination. Kenrick offers two key services, first, providing a platform for entrepreneurs and aspiring to come together as well as a platform for giving entrepreneurs access to funding, talk about Global DOmination. Take a look at Kenrick’s story below.

Tell me a little about who you are?

Name: Kenrick Quashie. Upon completion of university studies in 2012, I founded Youth Business SVG- A nonprofit that helped young people start businesses in SVG. I have been in entrepreneurship since. Started my first business when I was 19 actually (an Internet café then), done farming and other private ventures since.

I strongly believe that entrepreneurship is one of the solutions to the Caribbean economic problems. Real Entrepreneurship, not consumerism.

I am a Christian; I consider myself to be funny, my studies were in political science… I love politics but have a strong passion for entrepreneurship.

What is your business about?

Global Domination is about creating the right platform for Caribbean startups to thrive. We offer two main services..

Global Domination Hub: Ultimately “a hub is hub’ when it unites, inspires and promotes a community. Global Domination hub creates and networks with platforms or workspaces for artists, musicians, designers, filmmakers, app developers or start-up entrepreneurs. They are uniquely diverse in structure, sector and services, and range from collective and co-operative, to labs and incubators; and can be static, mobile or online. These platforms and workspaces are for the development of the Caribbean Startup community to convene in spaces to invent, to collaborate, to make and to create.

Global Domination Capital: The Caribbean’s largest fintech start-up offering a portfolio of investment crowd-funding solutions including peer-to-peer lending and equity crowd-funding. We have created the Caribbean’s premier online marketplace for alternative financing. It is the Caribbean’s premier online marketplace for alternative finance. Our platforms are designed to provide Start-ups, SMEs and consumers a fast, safe and secure mode to access lower cost finance to grow their business and have financial stability while providing investors with direct access to alternative asset classes that can generate higher returns in an environment where risks are shared.

What were you doing before you started your business?

Immediately before starting GD, I managed Youth Business SVG- this a nonprofit that I founded to help young Vincentian start and operate businesses. YBSVG provided training, marketing opportunities, startup capital etc. I simultaneously served as Executive Director of the SVG Coalition of Service Industries. SVGCSI is the umbrella body for the services sector in SVG. Services accounts for 70% of the GDP. I was also a farmer. I started my first business at age 18..that was an internet café called Ken-Net Kafe.

What inspired you to start your Business?

My active participation in the entrepreneurship sector made me realize that there are some missing elements. As a region, we are mainly consumers.

What obstacles did you face in starting your business and how did you overcome them?

Lol…I faced the same obstacle that I am trying to address…..Capital. I believe my model is very profitable, but I couldn’t meet the right set of investors who are willing to look at my deal. I had to go door to door. With my capital platform, startups make one main stop…so too do investors.

Whats next for you and your business?

We want to expand our reach. Our Coworking spaces will become a regional brand. SO the plan is to solidify what we are doing and ensure our systems are fully functioning to serve the entire Caribbean.

What is your best advice for young people looking to start a similar business?

Go for it! It is important that we know that it is going to take time. Yes, you can be a unicorn and even, so there are many struggles. The other thing is to think Global! How are you going to impact the world?

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