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Major Changes to Facebook Business Pages and Instagram

We all know that Social media changes on a daily basis, maybe even more frequently than the weather, maybe not that frequent but it changes a lot. Two big changes recently took place with Facebook Fan Pages and Instagram. This will change the way marketers do business online and small businesses should be embracing these changes as well.
First let’s start with Facebook, did you know that you can now private message fans that comments on your post. No, you do not have to go on their profile and click on message, or search for them in the graph search bar. At the bottom of their comment, you can normally click like or reply to their comments well now you have the option to message them. This will allow marketers to engage with their audience more quickly and intimately.

private message

Instagram, in the past would only allow one Instagram profile on your account, if you managed multiple Instagram accounts for clients or even for yourself. You will have to log out of one and log into the next. Now Instagram allows you switch between multiple profiles without signing out of your account. You can have up to 5 profiles managing at the same time and switch between them. Go on your profile and click on three dots un-top your screen and scroll down until you see “Add Account” simple like that you can go ahead and add your new account there.
There are some other changes taking place, however these two are my favourite and I wanted to ensure you are aware of it. What other changes in Social Media have you seen in the last couple weeks?

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