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Road to Ryerson University- The Grand Finale

Ryerson University

In 2013, I became quite fascinated with Social media and the way businesses were using it to build their brands and get customers. I went all in on learning everything I needed to know about social media and today I am a proud social media strategist. After being in Canada for a little bit, I quickly realized that one of the most significant assets you can have here is “Canadian education” So I decided to pursue my Master’s Degree.  In 2015, I started searching for a masters programme to further my new love of Digital Media. I found that Ryerson University had a Master of Digital Media programme and I thought, awesome, I will apply. However, when I saw the requirements, I thought to myself, Nah, I don’t think I can get in this programme. There seems to be a strong focus on the technical side of digital media, coding, apps, programming, graphic designs, videography, etc. all which I was not skilled in.

So I didn’t apply, however, one year later in 2016, I was still searching, and again I came across the Master of Digital Media programme at Ryerson University. At this point, I had way more confidence in myself, so instead of saying I will not get in, I started looking for more information about the programme. I went to an information session and spoke to the administrators. I eventually decided I will apply, the only hiccup I had was I needed to take an English test to prove I can study in English, all because I did my undergraduate degree in Spanish. Anyways, I did what needed to be done and BAMMM, I got accepted.

The next problem was how do I pay for the programme; I applied for the Ontario Student Assistant Programme (OSAP). I receive a loan from them that wasn’t even enough to pay for my first semester. Nevertheless, I had faith, so I started the programme. About one-week int the programme I was still trying to figure out how I will pay. Then one day I went into the Master of Digital Media programme office the Programme administrator Sonya pulled me aside to inform me that I am the recipient of a Graduate Fellowship aka a Grant. Well people, the amount together with what I got from OSAP was able to pay for my entire tuition. Janice son couldn’t be happier. I had faith, and it paid off, this is a testament to the goodness of God. The bible said ask and it shall be given unto you, and I asked and boy I did receive so all gratitude to the Lord.

Today marks the culmination of my Masters Degree Programme, today I graduated with a Master of Digital Media. Not only did I graduate with a Master of Digital Media. I received the Ryerson Gold Media. The Ryerson University Gold Medal is the University’s highest honor, awarded to students with outstanding academic achievement combined with outstanding involvement with the University, their profession, and/or the community. In my acceptance speech, I dedicated my medal to my mother Janice, my daughter Nova-Rose and wife Samantha and I dedicate this degree to my late father Anslem Niles and Aunt Helena Corion.

Ryerson University

Thanks to all my family and friend who supported me on this journey, there’s way too many to mention. My support structure was solid as the rock of Gibraltar, I appreciate all of you, and I love you….This is the Grand Finale of one chapter in my Life’s story and tomorrow I start another.

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