One Month Worth Of Content

You’re a busy entrepreneur running a successful business. You know that staying active on Social Media is a necessity. Necessity to connect, engage and build relationships with customers to grow your business. But you have no time to be creating content to stay active and keep your business top of mind with clients.

I completely understand, after all, before putting my content creation team together, that was my life. I was Struggling to create content while managing the day to day operation of my business. Since completing my Master’s Degree in Digital Media. I have been on a mission to help entrepreneurs ease pains associated with Content and Social Media.

Today, I want to help you spend more time focusing on what’s important to you in your business while ensuring you have enough content to post on Social. My team and I will create a whole month worth of content for you for your two primary social media platform.

Some of the content we will create includes, graphics, blog posts, image quotes, gifs, infographic. We will even show up and take photos and shoot short videos if required and if possible.

Go back to managing your business without having to worry about whether you will be able to create enough content for the next thirty days. You can even take the time we’re saving you and spend it with your family and loved ones.

What Is My Investment

How much does it cost you when you have to take time away from running the daily operations of your business to create content? How many potential clients are choosing your competitors instead of you because they are more active on social media? A lack of consistent content across social media may already be costing you a great deal.

We will create content for your two main Social Media platforms. We will create all content according to the requirements of those platforms.

  • Graphic design

  • Infographics

  • Image Quotes

  • Blog Post

  • Everything in the Get Active Content Pack

  • Product Photography

  • 1 Video


Kimron has showed great content creation skills. His writings are SEO optimized with fast turnover times. I highly recommend him for your content needs– Zak Mustapha- Digital Marketer

About Me

Most entrepreneurs, especially when starting out, struggle to acquire customers and grow their business. I use Social Media and Digital Storytelling to connect, engage and build meaningful relationship with customers online to sell stuff and achieve massive business growth.

I am a Social Media Strategist and Transmedia Storyteller. I graduated from Ryerson University with a Masters Degree in Digital Media and was the recipient of the Ryerson University’s Gold medal which is the University’s highest honor. I am also an (Organization of Eastern Caribbean state (OECS) 30 Under 30 award Winner. I am the Co-Founder of, a movement dedicated to sharing the people, culture and tradition of Grenada.