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Social Media Use In Grenada and the Opportunity for Grenadian Businesses

Social Media use in Grenada

Every day I get intrigued that social media has quickly become the default form of media in Grenada and the Caribbean. When I speak to my friends about societal issues, they say this first thing to me. I didn’t see that on Facebook, or they may say, let me go to Facebook to see what people are saying. No longer are people saying, let me wait to watch the news or read it in the papers. Therefore, I became interested to see which social media platforms Grenadians are most active on. 

I surveyed just over 300 Grenadians to get an idea of their social media usage. At the same time, some of the results were expected, such as Facebook is the leading Social Media platform. I was surprised by the Twitter and Tiktok ranking. However, I will let you see for yourself. 

As we can see, Facebook is still the king of social media use in Grenada. However, WhatsApp is the most widely used, and Whatsapp is a messaging platform and not a social media platform per se. The big four platforms, nevertheless, are Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Whatsapp. Businesses in Grenada should have a strategy to engage their audience and potential audience on all four of these platforms. 

Social Media in Grenada

To further look at Social Media usage in Grenada, I decided to check out the Hootsuite and “We Are Social” report and share the links to the results. According to the report which can be found on, 

  • There were 75.0 thousand social media users in Grenada in January 2021.The number of social media users in Grenada increased by 4,000 (+5.6%) between 2020 and 2021.
  • The number of social media users in Grenada was equivalent to 66.5% of the total population in January 2021. 

You can find the full summary here- Summary Report

You can find the full report below

This says to me that there is a huge opportunity right now on social media for Grenadian Businesses who are willing to take advantage of everything that social media has to offer. The greatest asset in marketing and communication right now is consumer attention. Before a business can tell me how great their product or service is, they must have my attention. Before they can have my attention, they need to know where my attention is and how to capture it. Therefore, it is essential to understand how to use social media for business since this is where consumers’ attention is currently. 

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