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2017 SMART START Youth Summit in Ottawa Ontario

The 2017 SMART START Youth Summit is an initiative led by a multicultural group of young Canadians. The Summit will engage diverse young Canadian friends and supporters to honor and celebrate young Canadians of African and Indigenous ancestry; and young Canadians in need of societal support, including newcomers.This opportunity is an all expenses paid (including meals and transportation),weekend,daytime retreat for youth aged 13-24.

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Upcoming Projects

20/20 Conference: A Clear Look at the Past, Present & Future of Safety in Education

On February 24th, I will be hosting a workshop at the Canada Safe School Network 20/20 Conference, I will be speaking on the topic of Digital Citizenship.

Digital technologies are all around us and while this is not necessarily good or bad, improper use of these technologies can lead to negative repercussions for young people.Since we can’t stop its proliferation, this interactive workshop aims to provide students with the tools to master digital technologies and not be directed by them. Students need to be able to contend with the biases of digital media, to be able to be aware of them and make conscious choices as digital citizens. The concept of digital citizenship aims to help teachers, technology leaders and parents to understand what students/children/technology users should know to use technology appropriately.

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