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Your Basic Guide to Facebook Advertising

Without a doubt, the best platform to reach potential and current customers and build your business is Facebook. Unfortunately, on a daily basis, I see so many entrepreneurs wasting their time and money doing Facebook advertising the wrong way. As time goes by, Facebook advertising is becoming more and more complicated since the ads manager and powereditor change frequently. Also, a huge number of entrepreneurs are not making use of Facebook advertising, therefore limiting their businesses’ potential for growth. Hence, in this article, I will take a look at some basic strategies to get you started with an ad to generate leads and customers

  • Targeting– From the ads I ran in the past, I realized that targeting is one of the most important factors that determines their eventual success or possible failure. Your ads can target likely or present clients based on their interests as well as specific Facebook pages. To determine where to focus your attention, conduct research to find the Facebook pages where your potential customers hang out and target those pages with your ads. These are the two most basic and efficient ways for ads targeting.


  • Use a Lead Magnet– If you really want to get warm leads that can potentially turn to customers, you need to give away something of value, which is known as a lead magnet. Lead magnets can take the form of how to guides, tool lists, ebooks, and training videos. Generally, humans have an innate longing for things that are free; therefore, people will willingly give you their email addresses in exchange for your free giveaways. Consequently, once these people are on your email list, you can share valuable content and possibly sell your products and services to them.


  • Create a Landing Page– Creating a high converting landing page is an effective way to collect leads. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be a programmer to create a landing page. You can use a service like leadpages.net or even optimizepress 2.0 to build your landing page. Thus, once individuals click on your ad, they will be taken to your landing page where they can be added to your email list

The video below will take a more in-depth into Facebook advertising and how to get started with Facebook ads.



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