The Four Rules Of People Management

When it comes to people management, there are 4 basic rules that Entrepreneurs must know:

1-Friendly Not Friends: It is of vital importance to be friendly with our employees, but if we want total choas in an organization then let everyone be friends

2-In Control, not Controlling: Entrepreneurs are all control freaks to some degree, and employees know when they are being micromanaged, and this is not a great way to build a proper team

3-Delegating not Dumping:Dumping a bunch of to do’s is not really the best approach in an organization, To delegate one should ensure that they have the right people doing the right things and give them the tools to be successful. Once that was taken care of, delegating is a simple task.

4-Firm but Fair: Once this is taken cared of, then all the other three are practically nailed

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  • Laurel Oct 3,2010 at 5:43 am

    great work….i think u’ll do great in watever you set ur mind to do…. jus remember i got ur back, ALL the time!!

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