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This is How You Fail When Marketing in 2016

Planning long-term online strategies is no longer a valid business move. I know my statement is potentially shocking, but before grabbing your pitchforks and attempting to burn me at the stake, let me explain. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe you should have long-term objectives. For instance, my long-term goal is to build the biggest digital marketing agency in the Caribbean, but I am willing to make necessary changes along the way to see my dream come to fruition. With that said, recent trends indicate that social media and online platforms are changing every 18 to 24 months, so with the constantly evolving digital world, developing and sticking to a long-term strategy is becoming increasingly difficult.

What was important yesterday may not even be valid today. What may be effective today, may obsolete tomorrow. Therefore, although businesses should stick to their long-term objectives, they should not commit themselves to one method of getting there. For instance, in the past, focusing on print media advertising to help build your business was a great marketing strategy; however, radio came along and all that changed. Afterward, television followed and entrepreneurs started using that medium to advertise. Consequently, if persons strictly stuck to marketing using print or radio while intentionally neglecting television in the process, they would have gotten left behind. Presently, the marketing evolution is arguably more drastic since the transition to the constantly changing social media and online world.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs are refusing to make the switch to social media advertising. They are confident that their television and radio advertisements are working for them, and they think that social media is for kids. In my opinion, their assessment may be a big mistake. Many businesses will be left behind or leave thousands of dollars on the table because they refuse to embrace the new ways of marketing. Further, if you are not using social media marketing strategies in your business, you have not entered the new marketing era. I learned that principle from the world boss himself, Gary Vaynerchuk. He indicates that he is able to stay ahead of the game and win at business because he markets based on the year he is living in. Thus, he does not market like its 1990 when it’s 2016; because in 2016, it’s all about social and online media.

Important to note however, is that you do not have to be on every platform. You just need to figure out what platforms your audience use and reach them there. Therefore, if they are on Instagram, get access to an account. If it’s Facebook start using it too. If they are on snapchat, guess what, get on snapchat.

As previously mentioned, you should focus on long-term goals; however, do not commit to a dated vehicle to take you there. Concentrating on one method that is or may become obsolete along the way could lead to your business’ downfall. Take for instance, running ads on television. You have no guarantee that your ads will get to the people you are trying to reach. Even if it is on their television screens , and if they are like me, you cannot control their urge to use the restroom or switch channels as soon as the commercials come on. Facebook ads on the other hand are different. You can reach the exact persons you intend to attract, where they are, and when they are paying attention for a fraction of the cost of running a TV ad. So why won’t you update your strategies to include Facebook ads and other forms of social media? Admittedly, if you want to get left behind in business and marketing and leave thousands of dollars on the table, commit yourself to the marketing strategies of the past and ignore the current marketing tendencies.

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