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Traditional Advertising vs Facebook Advertising

Consider the following scenarios. Imagine you have two options to market and promote your business. The first option costs $4000 and requires you to sign a contract with a radio or TV station or a local newspaper that will the run your ad three times a week. Accompanying the deal is the nervous wait to see if your investment will pay dividends. You have to hope that they are able to reach the audience you intend to target, trust that people do not change the station or channel during advertisements, and to make matters worse, if you want to make changes or add additional content, you have to pay more. All in all, this arrangement provides no guarantees and can be an uneasy period.

In the second scenario, you run ads on Facebook, spending as little as 1 dollar a day to as much as you can afford. You also have the added benefit of targeting the specific audience you want to reach. For instance, if you own a pizzeria, you can direct your ads to only pizza lovers.  You can run ads to anyone on an email list, people who are similar to those on our email list, or even the persons who visited your website. Also, if you are selling a product online, you can retarget people who visited your checkout page and did not buy. Additionally, you have control over when your ads run, and you have the liberty to make changes whenever you want at no additional cost.

Personally, I am all for spending money on advertising and promotion; however, I believe that such an investment should be done smartly. While traditional advertising like radio, TV, and print media have their pros, social media platforms like Facebook is making it much easier for entrepreneurs, especially start-up and small businesses to advertise and reach their target audience at minimal costs.

Therefore, which of the following options would you prefer? Which one would you choose? For me, I do not have a huge marketing budget like some of the massive companies, so I will go where I get the most bang for my buck. That is why I prefer to use Facebook advertising. Using Facebook allows me to generate targeted leads, customers, and get maximum brand exposure. Small businesses could potentially double, triple, or even see their companies grow as much as tenfold without spending a fortune using Facebook ads.

Now it is your turn to choose so choose wisely.

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